What a week

So, since my last post--you know the one where my life seemed to be coming to an end b/c I was fed up with my children?--well, it is has been an insanely busy week.  I kept meaning to get back to the computer to first of all say that I was indeed still alive and that the boys had not gotten the best of me, but it ended up being a pretty action packed week.

First, although the boys and I continued our battle of the wills throughout the week, we managed to finish it  in a much better place than we started.  They are good boys, but they are boys and they are just learning what buttons to push and so I need to begin to learn how to handle it when they push my buttons.  Micah had his last exam on Thursday before finals begin in two weeks and so he was able to come home Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and we just spent time together with the boys, putting them to bed together, playing, laughing, and I know that that was a huge help in our ending the week well.

Sad news from this week is that my laptop died....very very sad day.  It actually started out as Micah's laptop six years ago last month, then when my Dell died, it became our laptop until last fall when Micah got a computer for school and it was then officially 'my' computer.  We knew that it was probably going to go out on us soon, but would have much preferred to choose to get rid of it than be forced to.  So, we are looking into options and for now, I am relegated to the office computer.

It was beautiful here this week, almost too warm for spring in my opinion, but beautiful nonetheless.  The boys have spent a ton of time playing outside.  We got our garden mostly planted on Thursday.  We planted tomatoes, a couple of bell pepper plants, basil, green beans, and lettuce.  Those were my non-negotiables and the boys really wanted to plant cantaloupe and carrots.  The cantaloupe I am not too worried about since we managed to grow those last year.  I really have no clue as to whether the carrots will grow, but the boys were quite excited about planting them.  It has rained the last couple of days, so I am thinking that will be good for the garden.  While we were planting the garden, we had a new experience when a couple of neighbor boys came over to play for a while.  The boys had a blast playing together and being entertained by a new victim friend!  When I get my new computer situation figured out, I will post a picture of the three boys racing in our backyard all wearing Transformer masks--it was pretty entertaining.


Amy said…
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Amy said…
So sorry to hear about your laptop but excited to hear about your garden! YUM!
Tia said…
My mother in law says to plant carrot seeds with radish seeds, even if you won't eat the radishes because somehow they work well together. Good luck!

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