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Back home

We finally got home early this morning right after midnight.  We had flown back into Oklahoma City so that we could have a direct flight and not have to deal with layovers and switching planes, etc.   Our flight was on a tiny little plane and we were stuck in the very last row right next to the only bathroom on the plane--fun times, let me tell you! there really is nothing quite like the scent of airplane bathrooms,  it is a very unique smell and it is not pleasant.  On top of that, it was hot on the plane and 3 hours felt like an eternity...oh, and it was stinky, bumpy, stuffy, slightly claustrophobic flight was not exactly fun, BUT...when we got on the ground, we were oh so happy to be in Oklahoma.  Micah's brother met us at the airport with our car and we drove home and fell into bed exhausted.  Micah's mom brought the boys home around 8:30 this morning and I don't know if they were more excited about seeing us or their own room and toys. 

Today, we have just…

Springtime in New York

Okay, seriously, this has been the greatest trip already.  We have had amazing weather--think nice, light breeze, a bit of sun, mild temperature, no humidity.  We are staying at a quirky little hotel that was relatively inexpensive for New York where we have our own bathroom (surprisingly enough, there are a LOT of relatively expensive hotels where you have  shared bathrooms--no thank you!) and some seriously good coffee at the little coffee shop that is adjacent.  We are within a couple blocks of the subway and doing some pretty serious blisters, just tired feet!  The best part of all though is meeting up with friends that we haven't seen in forever who happened to be in New York overlapping our trip and we have laughed, talked, walked, and talked and laughed some more...oh, and eaten some really yummy food.  Dinner in Little Italy last night--imagine an authentic Italian restaurant where they waiters are really Italian and speak as much Italian to you as they do En…

Getting on a jet plane

Tomorrow morning, Micah and I will be heading back to New York for a short little visit.  We are looking forward to seeing our very dear friends Clint and Lynette and then on Tuesday I am going in for that revision to my reconstruction surgery that was scheduled for last December.  This week has been insanely busy, I am hoping to be able to update a bit while we are there. The surgery is outpatient and I am not expecting any difficulties, just not looking forward to the anesthesia, since that usually makes things a little crazy in my world.

Wednesday was amazing--having the opportunity to welcome a new life to the world was seriously one of the coolest experiences ever.  Will hopefully write about that soon and share pictures.

Last night we had Micah's parents and some friends over to celebrate his birthday (which is tomorrow) and that was lots of fun and involved lots of cleaning, cooking, and baking a yummy chocolate cake.

Today has been laundry and packing.  Does life ever slo…


We all survived Micah's first year of medical school--yay!!  The school apparently has a tradition that at the end of the year, they have a big cookout and the 1st years play the 2nd years in softball, then the winners of that game go on to play the faculty.  So, we joined up with Micah there last night to help celebrate.  I will add that I had very sketchy details of the whole deal and it was approximately 2:30ish when it was set in stone that we were actually going!


All I have time for today is completely random snippets...I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off.I was wonderfully sick all weekend--there really is nothing quite like feeling like you can't get out of bed or open your eyes and having to take care of two 4 year olds.....on the upside, I am pretty sure that they figured out how to run the dvd player all by themselves and I can't decide if that is good or bad.I made strawberry jelly yesterday and strawberry syrup...there is a story and a picture here, both of which will have to wait!Micah is in the midst of his VERY LAST final, if you hear someone shouting with joy from far and distant lands in the next 45 minutes, chances are very good that it is me.  I am happy for him and happy for me! :)The other day, William had gone "stinky" and was waiting for me to wipe him, and I go in and he is sitting there with his head in his hands, saying, 'where is William? I wonder where he can be?' I pic…

Conversations with 4 year olds

Tonight as I was getting the boys in bed, Xavier and I had the following conversation:

X:  I've got to go get my Balentines bear (that he sleeps with)
me:  Okay, where is it?
X: It was on the 2 couch
me: the 2 couch?  which one is that?
X: the one with the two sitter-downers
me:  Oh, how many does the other one have?
X:  (kind of sheepishly) um....4...wait, I gotta go check (runs off to check--in the meantime, I have to convince William that he doesn't need to go check something else out)
X:  it's got 3 bins
me:  3 what?
X:'s kind of like where you sitter down...bins!

How do you argue with that?

Tonight, while I was at my Young Survival Coalition meeting, the boys went to the local carnival with their aunt and uncle and I heard all about the fun times they had.

What was your favorite thing?  these are their responses:

the super duper slidethe wohller coaster with the owl-ligatorthe swings...yeah, that big kid, he threwed up, I didn't threwed up, he didI …

Thankful Thursday

Today, I am thankful for....

beautiful weather, sunshine, clear skies, lovely days spent outdoorslaughter that can lighten the mood and diffuse my frustration in the midst of correcting the boysonly 5 more days until finals are over and I can have Micah back for a bitmusic...I have recently bought the Seeds Family Worship CDs at church and have been playing the often. I love that it is Scripture and I love to catch the boys singing along as well.A picture from the other night, can you tell who it is?


We had so much fun this morning picking berries at a farm about 30 minutes from town.  Micah's mom went with us and we headed out early (for us) at 7:45ish.  We spent about an hour picking berries.  William was all about it, Xavier not as much.  I tried to get a little video of William, because he seriously NEVER stopped talking the entire time and he talks in a very high pitched voice saying and it was pretty entertaining, but didn't manage to capture anything on video.  I did get some fun pictures.  And we got a good little stockpile of berries. I am thinking about making some strawberry jelly, just need to look up a recipe for it.

Tonight, we are headed to church and then it is Lost watching with our friends while Micah studies.

Budding Artists

After a brief hiatus, I pulled my camera out again the last couple of days and got them uploaded and somewhat edited tonight. I almost always think this, but seriously everytime I put my pictures on the computer and look at my sweet boys, I think, how precious are they?

And I have more pictures, but they are going to wait.  Tomorrow morning, I am going to attempt to take the boys to a strawberry patch to pick strawberries. I am feeling like supermom this week--playing outside, going to the park, making cookies, painting, picking strawberries--maybe it is guilt for all those times that I haven't done it.   It has been fun, I have been loving spring this year!


um....where did this weekend and half of this week go?

Well, I spent Saturday pretty much glued to the computer going to chats and downloading free stuff and buying a bit as well.  I didn't scrap hardly at all.  I think that is going to be my goal for the next scrapbooking holiday!  I managed to snag some freebies, some really good deals via Twitter of all things (don't worry, I don't plan on using that any more than I use Facebook!), and then did a bit of shopping the regular sales.

Sunday, I worked the hospitality center at church. I am starting to really enjoy it. The other women that I am working with I am starting to get to know and I was quite excited to discover some new friends who love cooking and even have cooking parties, where they all pick a recipe from a particular cuisine/cookbook, bring the ingredients to one house, cook together, and then sit down to eat together.  I promptly invited myself to the next one. I think it sounds like great fun.  That, and I a…