Back home

We finally got home early this morning right after midnight.  We had flown back into Oklahoma City so that we could have a direct flight and not have to deal with layovers and switching planes, etc.   Our flight was on a tiny little plane and we were stuck in the very last row right next to the only bathroom on the plane--fun times, let me tell you! there really is nothing quite like the scent of airplane bathrooms,  it is a very unique smell and it is not pleasant.  On top of that, it was hot on the plane and 3 hours felt like an eternity...oh, and it was stinky, bumpy, stuffy, slightly claustrophobic flight was not exactly fun, BUT...when we got on the ground, we were oh so happy to be in Oklahoma.  Micah's brother met us at the airport with our car and we drove home and fell into bed exhausted.  Micah's mom brought the boys home around 8:30 this morning and I don't know if they were more excited about seeing us or their own room and toys. 

Today, we have just worked on unpacking and Micah has worked on cleaning and laundry while I do some work, then sit and rest, do a little bit, sit and rest.  Now, all three boys are down for a nap and I am settling in to watch the finale of Survivor that I missed and maybe a bit of finishing up some scrapping that I started while we were gone. 

I think my favorite memory from our flight yesterday was discovering this little gem in the skymall catalog and hearing Micah's little comment of  "well, that doesn't seem cumbersome at all."  It just makes me giggle every time I think about it.


Glad to hear you are home and resting. Still praying for you as you recover. Thanks so much for the out loud guffaw heard around me when I linked over the the item from the skymall catalog!
LaCombe said…
Happy you are home safe and sound, even though the flight was yuky! Hope you are feeling great and that is it for surgery! Blessings and Love,Kathy
Amy said…
Glad you are back home safely and that everything went well! Take it easy and let Micah wait on you for a while. You deserve it!!

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