Budding Artists

After a brief hiatus, I pulled my camera out again the last couple of days and got them uploaded and somewhat edited tonight. I almost always think this, but seriously everytime I put my pictures on the computer and look at my sweet boys, I think, how precious are they?

William giving a "big thumbs up"--this happens often at our house!

Our little rose bush that seems to be surviving against many odds and has tons of blooms on it this year

the boys love to paint and I think would do it all day every day if they could

Xavier, very intent on drawing "sum-ping"

William and his masterpiece--this was about his 4th or 5th and he was running out of steam, but on a good note, at least it isn't all black which is what is more normal for him!

Xavier was very proud!

And I have more pictures, but they are going to wait.  Tomorrow morning, I am going to attempt to take the boys to a strawberry patch to pick strawberries. I am feeling like supermom this week--playing outside, going to the park, making cookies, painting, picking strawberries--maybe it is guilt for all those times that I haven't done it.   It has been fun, I have been loving spring this year!


Tia said…
Your boys are very sweet and precious. And I feel the same way about Lilian every time I see her picture. Wish we could have a conversation sometimes. If you're ever in So.IL look me up!

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