Conversations with 4 year olds

Tonight as I was getting the boys in bed, Xavier and I had the following conversation:

X:  I've got to go get my Balentines bear (that he sleeps with)
me:  Okay, where is it?
X: It was on the 2 couch
me: the 2 couch?  which one is that?
X: the one with the two sitter-downers
me:  Oh, how many does the other one have?
X:  (kind of sheepishly) um....4...wait, I gotta go check (runs off to check--in the meantime, I have to convince William that he doesn't need to go check something else out)
X:  it's got 3 bins
me:  3 what?
X:'s kind of like where you sitter down...bins!

How do you argue with that?

Tonight, while I was at my Young Survival Coalition meeting, the boys went to the local carnival with their aunt and uncle and I heard all about the fun times they had.

What was your favorite thing?  these are their responses:

  • the super duper slide
  • the wohller coaster with the owl-ligator
  • the swings...yeah, that big kid, he threwed up, I didn't threwed up, he did
  • I didn't ask for any cotton candy....[he said this very quietly.....earlier before they left he had been declaring that he wanted cotton candy and I didn't want them to be asking their aunt and uncle for stuff constantly, so I told him not to ask....I am kind of curious to find out whether or not he asked, I just thought it was interesting that he made the point to tell me.]


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