We had so much fun this morning picking berries at a farm about 30 minutes from town.  Micah's mom went with us and we headed out early (for us) at 7:45ish.  We spent about an hour picking berries.  William was all about it, Xavier not as much.  I tried to get a little video of William, because he seriously NEVER stopped talking the entire time and he talks in a very high pitched voice saying and it was pretty entertaining, but didn't manage to capture anything on video.  I did get some fun pictures.  And we got a good little stockpile of berries. I am thinking about making some strawberry jelly, just need to look up a recipe for it.

William showing me a strawberry!

I was trying to get a picture of them and they completely toppled Linda over leaning on her!

Xavier decided that the shade "was much better for me"
with my boys, finally found another use for all those scarves--holding my hair back!
with Grandma
Yummy Strawberries!

Tonight, we are headed to church and then it is Lost watching with our friends while Micah studies.


Melissa said…
The strawberries look so good! I think you guys must be way ahead of us in the growing season.
Amy said…
I just love picking strawberries! They look delicious. If you haven't watched last night's Lost yet, then get ready for lots of action that may include a few tears! :(
Annette said…
Great pictures - great color! I need to get the info on the strawberry farm. My Micah loves strawberries!
Monica said…
If you have Sur-jel in the grocery store (it's a small box and should be sold either in the baking aisle or canning good/household items aisle), it will have a recipe inside, and the Sur-jel helps it quicken faster and knocks out a TON of cooking time.
Xavier needing the shade made me laugh. My little sister love strawberries but hated picking them. She asked my Dad at that age why there wasn't air conditioning in the garden!
Tia said…
I'm so jealous! I LOVE strawberries. Jeff goes through about 2 batches of strawberry jelly every year. I use the recipe in the sure jel package. We prefer the cooked jelly instead of freezer jelly. It's a mess, but super yummy!!!

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