Thankful Thursday

Today, I am thankful for....

  • beautiful weather, sunshine, clear skies, lovely days spent outdoors
  • laughter that can lighten the mood and diffuse my frustration in the midst of correcting the boys
  • only 5 more days until finals are over and I can have Micah back for a bit
  • music...I have recently bought the Seeds Family Worship CDs at church and have been playing the often. I love that it is Scripture and I love to catch the boys singing along as well.
A picture from the other night, can you tell who it is?


Melissa said…
I'm guessing William, but I see bits of Xavier in there too. They are harder and harder to tell apart in pictures!
Anonymous said…
X, no question!
Babbling Brooke said…
I still can't tell but he is a super cute boy!
I would say William... =)

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