um....where did this weekend and half of this week go?

Well, I spent Saturday pretty much glued to the computer going to chats and downloading free stuff and buying a bit as well.  I didn't scrap hardly at all.  I think that is going to be my goal for the next scrapbooking holiday!  I managed to snag some freebies, some really good deals via Twitter of all things (don't worry, I don't plan on using that any more than I use Facebook!), and then did a bit of shopping the regular sales.

Sunday, I worked the hospitality center at church. I am starting to really enjoy it. The other women that I am working with I am starting to get to know and I was quite excited to discover some new friends who love cooking and even have cooking parties, where they all pick a recipe from a particular cuisine/cookbook, bring the ingredients to one house, cook together, and then sit down to eat together.  I promptly invited myself to the next one. I think it sounds like great fun.  That, and I am planning to make some more converts to Penzeys spices as well.

Yesterday, we played outside, went grocery shopping, did a bunch of paperwork, and celebrated Micah making a 96 on his first final!

Today, laundry day! :)  I felt very productive this morning....worked in the garden (our tomatoes are growing nicely and the lettuce is coming right along, I am hoping for some in another week, maybe sooner), made cookie dough with William to take to Micah's classmates a bit later in the week (I decided that I can only logistically and sanely have one boy help me at a time, Xavier will get his chance later this week!), made meatballs and homemade mac and cheese for supper and put into the fridge so that I can just pop them in the oven this evening, and folded clothes.  We are headed to pick up my nephew from school and then out to a park for a bit.  Our weather has been AMAZING--not hot, not cool, no humidity, a bit pollen-y, but since I don't suffer from allergies, I can't complain about that.

Here are my layouts that I got to upload on Saturday (and I am going to just start linking them to the galleries where they are posted, if any scrappy people are wondering what I used!):


Anonymous said…
Love the scrap pages. And congrats to Micah, 1 down!
Love, Mom
Annette said…
Tell me more.... I want to invite myself to the parties too.

yes, congrats to Micah. Impressive.

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