We all survived Micah's first year of medical school--yay!!  The school apparently has a tradition that at the end of the year, they have a big cookout and the 1st years play the 2nd years in softball, then the winners of that game go on to play the faculty.  So, we joined up with Micah there last night to help celebrate.  I will add that I had very sketchy details of the whole deal and it was approximately 2:30ish when it was set in stone that we were actually going!

We didn't really plan it, but we managed to all color coordinate, so I decided we needed a family picture, unfortunately, the photographer was not exactly professional and the boys weren't really in the mood to cooperate

This is from April of the boys first year, I saved the double page version too small to make it much bigger, but if you click on you, you can see bigger versions of each page.

Strawberry Jelly and a jar of strawberry syrup that was the result of a ruined batch of planned strawberry jelly--it really does help to not have two rambunctious four year olds running around screaming and playing while attempting jelly.  You aren't supposed to add the sugar until after you have boiled the juices! Oh well, lesson learned and some yummy strawberry syrup for us!

The rest of the week is shaping up to be quite busy!  Today, I have the honor of being present for the birth of a friend's baby and photographing the newest addition to their family. It will be a new experience for me in many ways...taking photos,  being in the room when a baby is born...I feel very honored that they have asked me to be there and hope that I can do justice to their new little one.    If I get a chance, I will pop back in with some sweet newborn pics later!


LaCombe said…
Congrats to Micah and Blessings to you for supporting him. Great looking jelly! Wish I had some. Your family pic is beautiful as is your family. Love ya, Kathy
Anonymous said…
So glad for you all that he is finished and you can all breathe a little easier for awhile! I might need to get that strawberry jelly recipe from you! Looks great!
Brooke T.

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