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Don't fall off your chair!

Obviously, I have been taking a bit of a blogging break, but I have good reason.  Last Wednesday, I headed out of town all by my lonesome to have a girls weekend with my mom and sisters in St. Louis.  I actually met up with my mom on Wednesday at my grandparents in Missouri, stopping along the way to see some dear friends.  Mom and I headed out on Thursday morning to meet up with Melissa and Elizabeth.  Melissa added quite a few pictures and gave a good recap that you can read here.  It was seriously a great weekend, we laughed, cried, ate good food--what more could you ask for?  The Living Proof Live event with Beth Moore was so good as well.  She is such a talented communicator and over the last couple of years, I have been privileged to take some of her Bible Studies -- I was pretty excited to get to hear her in person.  She has such a love for the Lord and His Word and loves to share it with women.  I am still mulling over and thinking through some of the things that she taught ab…


Have I mentioned how much I am loving summer?  Yesterday was a great example of why I am loving it.  I was up early (well, on time for me, but still early--6ish) for some quiet time before the house woke up, the boys got up and Micah out the door, I spent a good couple of hours working in the office while I let the boys watch a movie, then we headed out to Micah's parents' pool.  We hung out at the pool for about 3 hours, taking a break in the middle for a picnic in the treehouse part of their swing set/jungle gym thing-y (so technical, I know!), Micah joined us midway through and played with the boys in the pool--he is much more fun than I am throwing them around, making whirlpools, and waves.  We all came home, the boys (all three) took a nap and I did a bit more work and then scrapped.  We had dinner, a friend came over and we walked/ran together (I have forgotten to mention on here that I am officially attempting the couch to 5k running program with the goal of running the…

Thankful Thursday

It doesn't get much better than these three boys, in my very humble and unbiased opinion! so thankful for each one and what they individually bring to my life!

While I haven't been blogging...

....I have been staying plenty busy.  For some reason, I just keep putting off the blogging.  We have stayed pretty busy with summer and we have enjoyed a lot of great time with Micah.  Micah's parents bought a small above ground pool that has been the source of endless fun refreshing times. We have found ourselves out there several times a week to help get some relief to the lovely Oklahoma heat and humidity.  Micah has been working in the mornings, coming home and helping me out with things at home or letting me go and run errands all by myself (it feels like such a guilty pleasure!).  This week I even went and saw a movie  one afternoon (The Karate Kid--it was decent, but made me want to rent the original), I went and read at a coffee shop another day--it has been a little piece of bliss for me.  We have just so enjoyed time together as a family and so far, I am loving summer (minus the hot weather of course!)

Here are few layouts that I have done recently as well:

I will try to…


Friday evening,  the four of us along with my mother in law and my nephew headed about 40 minutes north of here to Bartlesville and a place called KiddiePark (the website is a bit outdated, but it sums it up pretty well).  It was blazing hot here yesterday and to be honest, neither Micah nor I were actually looking forward to this little adventure that we had planned with his mom earlier in the week.  In fact, Micah fought tooth and nail to have it cancelled, postponed, whatever, but in the end, he was outnumbered and we all piled into our van to head up there.   So, Kiddie Park is where there are a TON of old carnival rides for little kids--from toddlers to about maybe 10 years old--and tickets cost 25 cents and all rides only take one or two tickets.  We spent maybe $15 dollars for the three kids (and us for a couple of rides) and we were there for about 2 hours.  The kids seriously had a blast riding the bumper cars, train, airplanes, swings, the bounce house, boats, …

Fun filled Saturday

After a very fun and late evening last night (that I will chronicle in another post!), the boys and I slept until 9 AM this morning--that is seriously a record for our family. I am not much of a late sleeper, but had some insomnia last night, so was happy to get to sleep so late.  The boys rarely sleep past 7 or 7:30, so this was quite the late morning for them. 

We managed to hit all of the fun activities that I mentioned yesterday in my post. We started out at the Asian American Festival at the local library and even had some friends come along with us which was a nice treat.  The boys were quite excited about the dragon dance that was kicking off the festivities.  I was a bit disappointed that there weren't many actual Asians in this particular Kung Fu club, but we were still pretty impressed with the presentation.

This was the dragon all lined up before they started the dance, a pattern of weaving in and out and around and over all the while not tripping each other.  Pretty imp…

Still confused

So, I am still out of whack with my days.   This morning when I was talking to my sister on the phone and she was talking about her plans for the evening and how they didn't have anything to do really tomorrow, I was thinking "what is she talking about, they are always busy on Sundays."  Well, guess what, today is Friday, meaning tomorrow is Saturday and not Sunday.  I am trying to come up with a decent excuse as to why I am so confused, but so far I haven't come up with anything that really would pass as a reasonable excuse.

The boys so enjoyed having their cousin over this week and thought that it was pretty cool that he got to spend the night and are already planning their next sleepover.

Our exciting plans for the weekend include cleaning out the garage and cleaning the house (Micah has promised to help me, so I count that as exciting--not doing it by myself).   Micah has some sort of run at the school tomorrow that he has to go and do OMM (osteopathic manual m…

Tuesday, wait...Wednesday

That is kind of how my day is going....these Monday holidays always throw me off, which you wouldn't think that they would because I work from home and don't have a regular schedule.  But, I have seriously felt like I am way behind the last couple of days.

I took the boys this morning to the library where they have storytime (aka "toddler 3 ring circus").  We were really good and went for most of last summer and fall, then got out of the practice of it and I was determined that we were going to be consistent again.  The boys seriously love it, and just because it is pure insanity in some ways to try to keep them reined in while in a library, I also know that it is good for them to go and for us to find books together.  So, we went, we found some books which I will preview later to find out if they are actually appropriate for 4 year olds, and we made it out alive.  My mother in law is watching my nephew while his parents are out of the country and she had a migraine…

Just checking in

So, I know that I haven't blogged in many many moons, and honestly there is no real update to be had here because we are trying to recover from a weekend visit with 4 sets of grandparents, 6 sets of aunts and uncles, and 6 cousins (and spouses and children in some cases).  It was a very fun weekend, but we are so exhausted and I am still playing catch up from not getting a ton done last week.

Just thought I would post this one picture of the boys and their cousins:

Melissa included one pic on her blog too, if you want to see another!  There will be more to come and I am committed to blogging this week, b/c the boys said some very funny things this weekend!