Don't fall off your chair!

Obviously, I have been taking a bit of a blogging break, but I have good reason.  Last Wednesday, I headed out of town all by my lonesome to have a girls weekend with my mom and sisters in St. Louis.  I actually met up with my mom on Wednesday at my grandparents in Missouri, stopping along the way to see some dear friends.  Mom and I headed out on Thursday morning to meet up with Melissa and Elizabeth.  Melissa added quite a few pictures and gave a good recap that you can read here.  It was seriously a great weekend, we laughed, cried, ate good food--what more could you ask for?  The Living Proof Live event with Beth Moore was so good as well.  She is such a talented communicator and over the last couple of years, I have been privileged to take some of her Bible Studies -- I was pretty excited to get to hear her in person.  She has such a love for the Lord and His Word and loves to share it with women.  I am still mulling over and thinking through some of the things that she taught about, and like Melissa says in her recap, it is pretty amazing to worship with 7500 women.  I loved how at times, the worship leaders simply stopped  singing and playing the instruments and allowed the voices of the women to fill the arena.  

After the conference was over on Saturday, I traveled on to southern Illinois where my dearest friend was having a baby shower and since I was only 2 hours away, I couldn't pass up an opportunity to see her.  Since she lives in Nashville, we practically never get to see each other.  Visiting her at her parents/grandparents' house was quite a treat for both of us.  We often spent weekends there while we were in college and it was so good to see her and all of her family.   And we stayed up way late laughing and talking!

As if seeing my friends Wednesday, my grandparents, my sisters and mom, my aunt and uncle (we stayed with them in St. Louis), and my friend Kari, on Sunday, I headed out on see some more friends.  Some very very dear friends who live overseas are back for a couple of months were near by and so I just had to go and see them.  Their daughter brought tears to my eyes as I saw how much she had grown--don't kids know that they are supposed to quit growing?  I loved hearing about their work and our time together was much too short.

I did not love my long drive home by myself, but it was worth it to have spent so much time with so many dear ones.  The last two days have been crazy busy as I try to get caught up on work that was neglected while out of town. And of course, catching up on all those missed hugs and kisses from my sweet boys. 

I took some video of them this morning:

You will notice Xavier is still singing this song. And William is still hoping to get on American Idol with this little number:

That is his "black panther" song that he has been telling me since the American Idol finale that he wants to sing that on the stage at American Idol.


Monica said…
The incredible hulk still makes me laugh!!! Glad you've had some wonderful time with family and friends!
Jill said…
What sweet boys! Adorable.
LaCombe said…
So glad you got to spend girls time with family and friends and Beth Moore too! Wow, I love her Bible study's. Happy Independance Day!

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