Have I mentioned how much I am loving summer?  Yesterday was a great example of why I am loving it.  I was up early (well, on time for me, but still early--6ish) for some quiet time before the house woke up, the boys got up and Micah out the door, I spent a good couple of hours working in the office while I let the boys watch a movie, then we headed out to Micah's parents' pool.  We hung out at the pool for about 3 hours, taking a break in the middle for a picnic in the treehouse part of their swing set/jungle gym thing-y (so technical, I know!), Micah joined us midway through and played with the boys in the pool--he is much more fun than I am throwing them around, making whirlpools, and waves.  We all came home, the boys (all three) took a nap and I did a bit more work and then scrapped.  We had dinner, a friend came over and we walked/ran together (I have forgotten to mention on here that I am officially attempting the couch to 5k running program with the goal of running the 5k at the Race for the Cure in late September), we put the boys to bed, I scrapped a bit more, while we caught up on some tv that we had recorded and then went to bed.  It was a pretty perfect summer day in my opinion!

Today, we are off to the church to do some cleaning/organizing in the kitchen.   I have been volunteering and working with the hospitality department at church for the last couple of months and Micah has been helping me the last few weeks and so we are going in to do try to reorganize some of the cabinets where all of the things are kept.  Then, late morning, we are off to see Toy Story 3 with the boys.  Believe it or not, this is actually the very first movie that all four of us have gone to see together.  The boys LOVE the first two Toy Story movies, so they are pretty excited about it!

Have I mentioned that I have also been reading this summer?  We have been back at storytime at the library every week and so that has pushed me to pick up some new books to read and I have been determined and more disciplined in reading them.  Ever since I started scrapping, I feel like my reading has gone way down, but I have been determined to read more this year and for the most part, I think I have been succeeding.   This is what I have read or am currently reading this month:
  • Going Rogue by Sarah Palin--very interesting read and really appreciated her willingness to be so transparent about her faith, unfortunately, I love that she ended her book with an invitation for her readers to accept Christ
  • Letters from the Land of Cancer by Wally Wangerin--this was a relatively short book and also very interesting especially reading it as a cancer survivor.  The author was diagnosed a few years ago with metastatic lung cancer and he has published letters that he wrote to friends and family as he went through the year of treatment and the subsequent years of 'waiting' for the cancer's growth to resume.  He is a believer and I appreciated much of how his faith became more alive, more real, his struggle to ask the Lord to heal him.  At the end, he says that cancer has cured him.  I love that idea that even though cancer is horrible, and I truly hate it with every core of my being, I can see how cancer can cure a person, because it makes us choose to focus on what is actually important and not all of the other stuff that so often we get caught up in.  And of course, it makes us appreciate the here, the now, the moments that we have with those that we love.  Reading it sparked quite a few memories and evoked emotions and memories from my own journey.
  • Son of Hamas by Mosab Hassan Yousef--I am still reading this, but am enjoying it so far.  Well, enjoying isn't exactly the right word since so far, it has been lots of descriptions of how Palestinians and Israelis exist in the Gaza Strip--it is heartbreaking really when you consider the horrific lives that so many children call 'normal'.  I am looking forward to reading the rest of it.  The author is the son of one of the leaders of Hamas and yet, he has come to know the Lord and become a Christ-follower rather than a Muslim and I am eager to see how that conversion comes about.
  • Plan B by Pete Wilson--also in the middle of this one.  It is bringing many thoughts of our own life and how  Plan B-ness has affected us and how we have reacted to it.  Some moments, I think, 'yes, we are doing that, we are doing okay.' and then other moments, I find myself praying and saying, 'Lord, keep helping me learn that, I want my life to reflect that aspect of you.'
  • The Boxcar Children--okay, so I am reading these to the boys, and not for my own personal benefit, but it has been great fun to see the boys grow up and be able to sit and listen to books without pictures being read to them!
Well, this has turned into a rather lengthy post, so here are my layouts with products that are being released today:

Scrappy by Valorie Wibbens

Simple Singles: Roundabout 3 by Gina Miller


Annette said…
I want to know more about your 5k plans...

I'm glad you're enjoying your boys so much this summer. Such fun times.

If you're free any time on Tues. - Thurs. next week email me and let's try to get together.

Amy said…
I know the boys will love Toy Store 3. I still smile everytime I see the picture I took of them in their Buzz costumes.

I'm really impressed about the 5k. I wish I could do something like that but I'm just not a runner. I'm having enough trouble just staying motivated enough to do my aerobics video!

The Boxcar children...still one of my favorite books!

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