Fun filled Saturday

After a very fun and late evening last night (that I will chronicle in another post!), the boys and I slept until 9 AM this morning--that is seriously a record for our family. I am not much of a late sleeper, but had some insomnia last night, so was happy to get to sleep so late.  The boys rarely sleep past 7 or 7:30, so this was quite the late morning for them. 

We managed to hit all of the fun activities that I mentioned yesterday in my post. We started out at the Asian American Festival at the local library and even had some friends come along with us which was a nice treat.  The boys were quite excited about the dragon dance that was kicking off the festivities.  I was a bit disappointed that there weren't many actual Asians in this particular Kung Fu club, but we were still pretty impressed with the presentation.

This was the dragon all lined up before they started the dance, a pattern of weaving in and out and around and over all the while not tripping each other.  Pretty impressive!

This was the Lion Dance which I think we all enjoyed the most.  There were 3 'lions' a large, medium, and small along with the lion 'tamer' in yellow.  The most impressive part for us was when they did this "jump" and the front person jumped up on the back person's legs like this:

Here is a picture of the largest one all standing up.  I have to admit, that it was pretty cool!
One of the main reasons that I wanted to go was to see some of the Korean aspects of the festival since my sister's children have a Korean heritage. I wanted my boys to see something of their culture.  I loved that we got to see some of this Korean fan dance.  The costumes and colors were beautiful and while I didn't get awesome pictures, I think that you can see just how colorful it is.  The boys weren't quite as impressed as I was, although they did enjoy it for a few minutes. We were sitting right next to the speakers and the music was pretty loud.

After the festival, we headed to visit a couple of the garden railroads which were pretty impressive and I think that my boys could have stayed and watched them for quite a while, but it was incredibly hot at this point, so we settled for just a couple and for not all that long.

This was maybe a third of what this man's garden railroad was. I can't even imagine how much time and effort and money goes into it.  We were quite thankful that they were willing to share it with everyone.


Annette said…
The Korean dancer pictures are beautiful!

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