Friday evening,  the four of us along with my mother in law and my nephew headed about 40 minutes north of here to Bartlesville and a place called KiddiePark (the website is a bit outdated, but it sums it up pretty well).  It was blazing hot here yesterday and to be honest, neither Micah nor I were actually looking forward to this little adventure that we had planned with his mom earlier in the week.  In fact, Micah fought tooth and nail to have it cancelled, postponed, whatever, but in the end, he was outnumbered and we all piled into our van to head up there.   So, Kiddie Park is where there are a TON of old carnival rides for little kids--from toddlers to about maybe 10 years old--and tickets cost 25 cents and all rides only take one or two tickets.  We spent maybe $15 dollars for the three kids (and us for a couple of rides) and we were there for about 2 hours.  The kids seriously had a blast riding the bumper cars, train, airplanes, swings, the bounce house, boats, etc.  They also provide very inexpensive concessions, most things costing between $1.00 and $1.50, which is pretty unheard of in this day and age.  It had cooled down somewhat by the time we arrived and there was a bit of a breeze, although it was still pretty sticky.  We didn't leave until around 9:30 and we spent the ride home talking, repeating Bible verses from this book and singing songs from the Seeds family worship albums--basically doing anything to keep them awake!

So, without further ado, I present to you our evening in pictures:

This is my sweet boy and his black eye from wrestling his brother!

the boys spied the Spiderman boat from the entrance to the park

There are a LOT of witty captions for this picture running through my mind, but
I guess I will end with "Micah and his mom"

cousin Q

I think this might be my absolute favorite picture of the night!

X-man riding the airplanes

showing me their tickets

Xavier really did NOT want to ride this one

this completely cracks me up--continuing the 'sadness'

now that the ride started, he is still trying pretty hard not to like it

thinking about enjoying it.....

hey, this IS kind of fun!

hands up, everyone!

Xavier and Daddy riding the train

Apparently, the last train ride is free, but we didn't wait to find out! 

riding the ferris wheel aka cage on a wheel--the camera was straight, there were just
two boys on one side making it a little tilted

Grandma and William on the carousel, that about made all the adults nauseated--it was pretty zippy!

Enjoying a snow cone before leaving

I do have to say that after we got home, Micah felt a little bad for protesting so much, because it really was a lot of fun and the kids had a blast.  And for anyone who doesn't live here,  if you will come and visit us, I promise to take you and yours to Kiddie Park too! :)


Anonymous said…
Even old folks? You promise to take us? Looks like fun; I loved the pictures. Mom
Monica said…
It would be cool to visit out west, but I think we'd pass on the Kiddie Park. :)
Anonymous said…
Hey, Becky, you forgot to hand the camera to someone else--where's YOUR picture??? You probably had the biggest blast of all snapping everyone else! Great pictures! Love you, Gma E.
LaCombe said…
What Great fun for the boys! They look like they had a Great time and What Great memories you will have of their beautiful smiles!
Thanks for the link to the book and music CD...I'm always looking for something new to work with the kids on!

P.S.. Have you guys ever listened to the Cat Chat CD's?
this is the one we have and the kids love it!
just came across your blog,very nice,many photos & happy family.Stay happy. :)))

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