Tuesday, wait...Wednesday

That is kind of how my day is going....these Monday holidays always throw me off, which you wouldn't think that they would because I work from home and don't have a regular schedule.  But, I have seriously felt like I am way behind the last couple of days.

I took the boys this morning to the library where they have storytime (aka "toddler 3 ring circus").  We were really good and went for most of last summer and fall, then got out of the practice of it and I was determined that we were going to be consistent again.  The boys seriously love it, and just because it is pure insanity in some ways to try to keep them reined in while in a library, I also know that it is good for them to go and for us to find books together.  So, we went, we found some books which I will preview later to find out if they are actually appropriate for 4 year olds, and we made it out alive.  My mother in law is watching my nephew while his parents are out of the country and she had a migraine, so I went and picked up my nephew and took them to Chik-fil-a for lunch and play and now we are home and they are building train tracks in the hallway.

I still haven't made it through most of my pictures from the weekend, but will attempt to do that in the next couple of days. We had a great visit with lots of family.  We left early Friday morning and headed to Micah's grandparents' house--Grandma and Grandpa King.  It has been about 18 months since we had seen them and since we were going to be just a couple of hours away, we figured that this would be a good opportunity to spend an afternoon with them.  The boys were SO excited about getting to Grandma and Grandpa King's house, but when we arrived, William looked it over and said, "but they don't live in a castle?"  I was a bit confused, but in their mind "king=castle."  Yes, I know, so incredibly cute!!  They were so sweet with their great grandparents and I am pretty sure won their hearts.

I kept Micah and I entertained by reading Sarah Palin's book Going Rogue which was very interesting and easy to read and made the about 15 hours we spent in a car go by fairly quickly.  And while I know that it is also one side of the story, it is pretty encouraging to hear her speak so openly of her faith and also to hear some of the inside stuff of a campaign.  It felt kind of like the old days of traveling....reading books to Micah was something that we always did when we traveled and it was fun.


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