While I haven't been blogging...

....I have been staying plenty busy.  For some reason, I just keep putting off the blogging.  We have stayed pretty busy with summer and we have enjoyed a lot of great time with Micah.  Micah's parents bought a small above ground pool that has been the source of endless fun refreshing times. We have found ourselves out there several times a week to help get some relief to the lovely Oklahoma heat and humidity.  Micah has been working in the mornings, coming home and helping me out with things at home or letting me go and run errands all by myself (it feels like such a guilty pleasure!).  This week I even went and saw a movie  one afternoon (The Karate Kid--it was decent, but made me want to rent the original), I went and read at a coffee shop another day--it has been a little piece of bliss for me.  We have just so enjoyed time together as a family and so far, I am loving summer (minus the hot weather of course!)

Here are few layouts that I have done recently as well:

I will try to get motivated to edit some pictures that I have taken and post them as well! But, I am not making promises. :)


That is so nice Becky! I'm so glad you are getting away by yourself some. I am REALLY looking forward to that this summer. Just an hour sometimes to go out by myself will be great! Matthew is still in exams but July is just around the corner!
Amy said…
I'm so glad you've been getting to have some "me" time. You definitely deserve it! It sounds like you guys are having a great summer!

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