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Routine and Discipline

I am such a slave to a routine and when I have been out of a routine for a while, I often struggle with the discipline to get myself back to that routine.  The last few weeks (actually this entire summer) I have struggled with having any sort of routine because we have been so busy. I am thankful for the busy-ness because it has provided countless opportunities for fun visits from friends, extra time spent with Micah, little side trips with the boys, but while we have been busy, I have not been making time to have a quiet time in the mornings and for me, I so struggle with having a quiet time if I don't get to it in the mornings.  This morning, I felt like I made some progress because I at least set my alarm clock to get me up out of bed.  Unfortunately, I didn't have the discipline to actually get out  of bed until the boys had climbed in with me and were asking me to get up.  I did make myself stop this afternoon after putting them down for a nap and opened up my One Year Ch…

Thankful Thursday

It has been awhile since I did a Thankful Thursday and it is way past due!

Today, I am thankful for.....

some really sweet moments with friends the last few weeks--some who stayed with us, some we were able to see at the National--I feel incredibly blessed with the people in my life who love mea house to myself again :)  it is always wonderful to have guests, and as much as you hate for them to leave, it is kind of nice to be just 'us' againVBS--I loved seeing the boys come home every night so super excited to tell us what they had learned.  Each night, we would ask the boys what their favorite thing about VBS was and we got these kind of answers:  the songs, storytime, games, and of course, snack (boys after my own heart)air conditioning--this feels like the hottest summer since we have been in Oklahoma and it is killing me, but I am so incredibly thankful for air!a couple more weeks with Micah before we lose him to his second year of med schoolAnd as a post script to yesterda…

Wednesday's Words

From the mouth of William:
after he sneezed and expelled some snot from his nose (I couldn't think of a more appropriate way to say that!), he says, "I blessed out a nasty booger, mommy! I blessed it right out!"they were supposed to be picking up their room and I go and find William all tucked into my bed with his "bedtime toys" and blanket:  "I am just going to take a little rest, I tired of picking up toys." From Xavier:
yesterday morning after Camden and Rory left, "so who is next, who is coming after Camden and Rory?"  For weeks, we had been counting time according to who was coming when.  They weren't quite sure how to respond when I said that no one was going to be coming--it was just us.And the words I am reading:
The Shack: if you have read this book and loved it, then I am happy for you, but I am just not getting it. I am trudging through it mostly because it has been such a huge bestseller and I know a lot of people who have love…

For Grandma

We had a great visit with my sister and her family.  I am a bit crazy this morning trying to get caught up with all of the neglected work over the last couple of weeks, so I just thought I would share this one picture especially for my mom!

The four of them had such fun playing together and I don't know that any of them wanted to part ways this morning.

couple of pages

So, last week before all of the company arrived, I was able to scrap a couple of pages and thought I would share them:

Just as an FYI for any scrappers, I used a grab bag by Tracie Stroud for both of those layouts.  The first one also uses another kit (Family Ties) by her, but for the most part everything is from her grab bag which is pretty amazing and for a great price.  Check it out here!

Catching up

So, it has been forever and a day since I posted, but that is because things have been a wee bit busy at our house.  So, last time I walked, I had walked 10 miles for the Go10 Walk (which in case you are interested, they have surpassed their goal of $500,000-yay!--but you can still give and if you would like to contribute to this walk, please click here).  Thank you so much to everyone who has given!!

We have spent the last 10 days welcoming friends into our home, making little trips to the National Association of Free Will Baptists that was held only about an hour and a half away, welcoming Micah back from Chicago, spending more time with friends, saying goodbyes, getting sick (at last count, three of us were on antibiotics), and getting ready to welcome my sister and her family in just a couple of hours.   It has definitely been a whirlwind of activity and although I have been sick and completely exhausted, it has been so good.  Some of the friends who came were some former coworker…

Go10--Day 76

Well, I did it! I walked all ten miles in 95 degree heat pretty much in the middle of nowhere rural Oklahoma.  Oh and we managed to walk in less than 3 hours--I am saying about 2 hours 50 minutes.  I have to admit that at the last couple of miles I didn't know if I was going to make it and I just kept telling myself what I tell the boys to say, "I think I can, I think I can" except when they say it, it comes out as "I fink I can, I fink I can" quite naturally, that is what I was telling myself as I almost painfully put one foot in front of another, "I fink I can, I fink I can."  I was the only walker signed up to walk the third section and I had myself psyched up for it, but the day coordinator--a youth pastor from Oklahoma had mercy on me and decided to walk it with me.  I know that I could have done it alone, but I was very thankful especially towards the end that there was someone else out there with me.  They had support workers who followed…

Remembering the Fourth

So, this weekend I did some scrapping and managed to unwittingly scrap pages from July 4th from 2006, 2008, and 2009--they were just pictures in my "to be scrapped" folder and it turned out that I felt inspired to scrap them.  So, I thought I would share them in all their glory! :)

Go10 Walk for the World

So, for several months now, I have been hearing about this Go10 Walk for the World that our denomination has been hosting.  They started back in April and have walked from South Carolina up to New York (we got to see and visit with the coordinators while we were there for my surgery) and over the last few weeks they have been traveling across Tennessee, Missouri, and into Oklahoma.  They will be finishing up next week at our National Convention, walking into the youth service on Tuesday night ending a 2,500 mile trek.  I have been watching videos of friends who have participated and it has just continued to make me want to take part.  Each walker carries a prayer card of a different missionary as they walk and it gives them a specific name and family to pray for while they walk.  I think I want to participate partly because I was a missionary once, and I love seeing the names and faces of friends and dear ones and see how they are being prayed over.  I also think that I want to partic…


We have had so much going on this week, but there have been some little snippets of different stuff that I thought I would share:

Home improvement week:  our washer (yes, the infamous one that the pump went out on) died last week and because of many different circumstances, we ended up with a brand spankin' new washer and dryer and do you know that I love them and it kind of makes me want to do laundry more than once a week?  Spending that kind of money on appliances is always almost panic inducing to me, because it is so nerve wracking trying to decide if it is the right decision, etc.  But, we were so thankful that we had the money from our tax refund that was still unused and there was a good sale going on over the weekend of the Fourth.  In other home improvement news, Micah decided to replace the hardware in our bathroom sinks since the old stuff was rusting and leaking.  Well, that led to having to replace the sinks themselves because they were rusted through as well.  For t…

Just a few pictures

A few recent pictures:

PSA for Scrappers

If you are uninterested in scrapping stuff, then this post will probably completely uninterest you, but if by chance, you are a digital scrapper, I thought I would share about a few good deals going on this weekend:

Quarterly Sale at the Lily Pad (which is currently my favorite store right now!)
Retirement sale at Scrap Orchard and lots of fun goodies on sale by Tracie Stroud
and I got an email about this kit on sale for only $1.50 and so, someone might be interested in that!

And here a few layouts made with new products this week:

Right now, we are enjoying some wonderful time with friends, and I will share more about that later in regularly scheduled programming (aka regular, non scrappy type blogging!).

Happy Fourth of July weekend!