Catching up

So, it has been forever and a day since I posted, but that is because things have been a wee bit busy at our house.  So, last time I walked, I had walked 10 miles for the Go10 Walk (which in case you are interested, they have surpassed their goal of $500,000-yay!--but you can still give and if you would like to contribute to this walk, please click here).  Thank you so much to everyone who has given!!

We have spent the last 10 days welcoming friends into our home, making little trips to the National Association of Free Will Baptists that was held only about an hour and a half away, welcoming Micah back from Chicago, spending more time with friends, saying goodbyes, getting sick (at last count, three of us were on antibiotics), and getting ready to welcome my sister and her family in just a couple of hours.   It has definitely been a whirlwind of activity and although I have been sick and completely exhausted, it has been so good.  Some of the friends who came were some former coworkers and it was beyond precious to us to be able to spend some good quality time with them, laughing, remembering, hearing about their current work, etc.  The boys were completely spoiled and their daughter even watched the boys last night so that the four adults could go out for a meal together.  It has been a good few days and we were all more than a little sad this morning when we had to say goodbye. 

The convention was just insanity as always.  It is always so good to see so many people who have loved us and prayed for us and who we haven't seen forever, but it is also way overwhelming to step back into a world that we haven't been part of for three years.  Wednesday night is always the missionary service and because this year was celebrating 75 years of our mission's history, they had asked all former missionaries to join with the current missionaries in walking into the service.  Honestly, it is always a bit uncomfortable to be walking in to the service in front of everyone, and this year wasn't necessarily any different, although this year as we walked into the arena and there is a beautiful missions song being sung, the flags are all around us, people are clapping, I see some weeping, I just kept thinking of how I am a part of such a great cloud of witnesses.  You see, it is always such an honor for me to be included in that mission family.  Many who walked this year are the ones that I grew up hearing stories about and as I grew older, some of them became my teachers, my friends, my mentors....  And of course, the service just always reminds us of how different our lives are in comparison to what they were 'supposed' to be.  I keep waiting for services like that to quit making me sad, but for the moment, they continue to stir many emotions.  It is at times like those that I must continue to remind myself of the fact that I know that we are exactly where God has us for this time in our lives, that I am amazed each day at how much Micah is made to do what he is doing, and that I know that He is using every moment from our lives to weave together what He has for us, that He is continuing to work and move in our lives to prepare us for the next step, and that our responsibility is to wait, to listen, to learn, and to always always always be willing to do what He asks of us.

I am sure that there are many other mundane and not so mundane things that I could write about, but I think that I am going to go give the bathroom a once over since we are getting ready for another round of company!


Monica said…
I'm finding that one of God's hardest commands to obey is that of changing directions. So glad you got a chance to see everyone participate in everything!

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