Go10 Walk for the World

So, for several months now, I have been hearing about this Go10 Walk for the World that our denomination has been hosting.  They started back in April and have walked from South Carolina up to New York (we got to see and visit with the coordinators while we were there for my surgery) and over the last few weeks they have been traveling across Tennessee, Missouri, and into Oklahoma.  They will be finishing up next week at our National Convention, walking into the youth service on Tuesday night ending a 2,500 mile trek.  I have been watching videos of friends who have participated and it has just continued to make me want to take part.  Each walker carries a prayer card of a different missionary as they walk and it gives them a specific name and family to pray for while they walk.  I think I want to participate partly because I was a missionary once, and I love seeing the names and faces of friends and dear ones and see how they are being prayed over.  I also think that I want to participate because I miss being a part of that bigger story, of an organization that is bigger than me and my little family in my little town in Oklahoma.  So, even though, this is a pretty inconvenient week for me since Micah is leaving tomorrow for Chicago for a week and we have lots of company, I have signed up to walk a 10 mile segment on Tuesday afternoon.  I am excited and a little nervous, but mostly excited!! 
So, you know what is coming next?  
Me asking for your help and asking for a donation to the Go10 Walk.  The monies raised from this walk will go to help our missionaries share the gospel with the unreached. 

The really awesome thing is that there is an anonymous donor who has agreed to match all gifts up to $500,000.  To date, they have raised a little over $465,000.  I would love for you to help add to that total and help me reach my fundraising goal.
 All you have to do is click here and sign up!!

I will be back on Tuesday to share my experience.


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