Routine and Discipline

I am such a slave to a routine and when I have been out of a routine for a while, I often struggle with the discipline to get myself back to that routine.  The last few weeks (actually this entire summer) I have struggled with having any sort of routine because we have been so busy. I am thankful for the busy-ness because it has provided countless opportunities for fun visits from friends, extra time spent with Micah, little side trips with the boys, but while we have been busy, I have not been making time to have a quiet time in the mornings and for me, I so struggle with having a quiet time if I don't get to it in the mornings.  This morning, I felt like I made some progress because I at least set my alarm clock to get me up out of bed.  Unfortunately, I didn't have the discipline to actually get out  of bed until the boys had climbed in with me and were asking me to get up.  I did make myself stop this afternoon after putting them down for a nap and opened up my One Year Chronological Bible and was slightly mortified to see that I was still on July 1.  In my defense, I know that I was already behind and so this wasn't the first time that I had opened it this month, but it still quietly challenged me to get back some of that discipline and get myself back on a regular routine of getting up before everyone else in the house does and preparing myself for the day ahead.   I have been less than patient with the boys these last few days and while I know that there are probably many factors that play a part in that, I also know that neglecting my quiet time with the Lord is one of those factors. 

I have been quite busy this week with catching up with work related stuff which has kept me rather distracted from the boys.  So, this morning, I was sensing that they were seriously needing some time with me and so I finished responding to some emails and promised to do some puzzles with them.  First, I put together a play list on iTunes with some of their favorite songs and then got down on the floor and we sang and put together puzzles for an hour and a half.  Have I mentioned how much they LOVE to do puzzles?  Xavier put together 4 100 pc puzzles and William put together 2 100 pc puzzles and an oversize, weird shaped James (from Thomas the Tank Engine) puzzle.  I took turns helping them both, but I have to admit that I was pretty impressed with their abilities and perseverance. I am sure that on some level this speaks to their being little geniuses, right?

I did manage these two layouts this week.  Both feature new kits that are available this weekend at the LilyPad.

Here is the journaling for this last one:
my sweet little boys, I could write many hopes and dreams and wishes that I have for you......hopes  that you are always well, that you never experience pain or loss, that you are successful in everything that you attempt...all of those things are wonderful and good and yet, I know that experiencing the difficult things in life is also what will make you the best men you could ever be, so my hope, my dreams for you are that when you face those difficult scary painful moments in life that you will be able to look deep inside, that you will be able to know that you know that you know that God is good, that He loves you with a Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love.  Dear Xavier and Sweet William, it is in that truth that all my hopes and dreams for you are found--that you will know that truth and that it will be yours and that you will know it in your inmost beings and if you can grasp that truth, then every single dream and wish and hope I have for you will be fulfilled, because in that truth, my sweet boys, is life.

Happy weekend, everyone!


Monica said…
Okay, now I have water welling in my for the non-scrapbook part, I think it is so cool that you downloaded their favorite songs on itunes to listen to while working puzzles. I'm not sure that's something that would have ever crossed my mind. Excellent job, Becky!
LaCombe said…
Prayers go out to you! God understands you are busy with his two special boys he gave you, and you are a wonderful mommy to them. Beautiful scrapbooking! Prayers and lots of love to you!, Kathy

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