Thankful Thursday

It has been awhile since I did a Thankful Thursday and it is way past due!

Today, I am thankful for.....

  • some really sweet moments with friends the last few weeks--some who stayed with us, some we were able to see at the National--I feel incredibly blessed with the people in my life who love me
  • a house to myself again :)  it is always wonderful to have guests, and as much as you hate for them to leave, it is kind of nice to be just 'us' again
  • VBS--I loved seeing the boys come home every night so super excited to tell us what they had learned.  Each night, we would ask the boys what their favorite thing about VBS was and we got these kind of answers:  the songs, storytime, games, and of course, snack (boys after my own heart)
  • air conditioning--this feels like the hottest summer since we have been in Oklahoma and it is killing me, but I am so incredibly thankful for air!
  • a couple more weeks with Micah before we lose him to his second year of med school
this picture cracks me up!!  Check out Melissa's blog for more fun pics from their visit.
And as a post script to yesterday's post about The Shack, I did finish it up last night and it was okay, just didn't change my life and didn't really blow me away like it did others, but that is okay, I know that my life has been "changed" by books that were just kind of "bleh" for others.  I did find this post on Stuff Christians Like which kind of spoke to the same subject and even used The Shack for an example.

But, going back to Thankful Thursday....what are you thankful for today?


listgirl said…
So funny Becky, I was just catching up on your blog too!

You know what's funny about this photo? The kids kind of look like cardboard cutouts put onto the grass. I dunno why I think that, but I just do, and it makes me laugh.

I've often seen the book The Shack at Costco and wondered what that's all about.

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