Wednesday's Words

From the mouth of William:
  • after he sneezed and expelled some snot from his nose (I couldn't think of a more appropriate way to say that!), he says, "I blessed out a nasty booger, mommy! I blessed it right out!"
  • they were supposed to be picking up their room and I go and find William all tucked into my bed with his "bedtime toys" and blanket:  "I am just going to take a little rest, I tired of picking up toys."
From Xavier:
  • yesterday morning after Camden and Rory left, "so who is next, who is coming after Camden and Rory?"  For weeks, we had been counting time according to who was coming when.  They weren't quite sure how to respond when I said that no one was going to be coming--it was just us.
And the words I am reading:
  • The Shack: if you have read this book and loved it, then I am happy for you, but I am just not getting it. I am trudging through it mostly because it has been such a huge bestseller and I know a lot of people who have loved it and thought it changed their lives, but I am just having a hard time connecting to it.  I only have a little bit left and am hoping to finish it up soon....and I am trying to keep an open mind in case it completely revolutionizes my world in the last few pages.
  • Spoken from the Heart: I just got this book at the library last night and am looking forward to reading it.  I need to get started because I won't be able to renew it since there are lots of holds on it.  Micah is gone for the next couple of days,  so I am hoping to get some good reading in while he is gone.....and scrapping, I would like to do a couple of pages too! :)


Annette said…
Is Wednesday's Words a meme somewhere? If not you should start and host it on your site.
Bummed to hear that about The Shack... I have it on my iPod Touch but haven't read it yet (I will let you know what I thought afterwards though)....
Monica said…
Okay, now I'm going to have to google The Shack since I've never heard of it. And like movies and their reviewers, I find I seldom agree with what others say.
As for the words of William...he is too precious! Hope the boys enjoy the "down time" of just the family.
Anonymous said…
I envied you all being together!
Cute comments!
About The Shak, I agree with you.
Sorry, Shak Supporters!
Grandma E
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the laugh--I mean out-loud-big-laugh. You mean we're next on the guests list--Sept....? That is a long time.
The Shack didn't change my life and I didn't have an epiphany while reading it, but I did glean some good thoughts. I thought it was interesting just to read some fresh perspectives on each of the persons of the Trinity.

Love Wednesdays Words and hope it becomes a regular feature. They are so precious.

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