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First Day

Okay, so if I talked to you at any time in the last several months, you probably know that I have been agonizing/deliberating ad nauseum about whether or not to keep the boys home or to send them to preschool.  Finally, about a month ago, I finally made the decision that yes they should go and went to sign them up for the 2 day program at this small Lutheran preschool only to find out that they had revamped their program a bit and that now, they only offered 3 and 4 day preschool.  Well.....having made the decision to send them 2 days, I didn't think that I would be able to then backpedal and not send them at all.  So, I came  home and we did the math as to whether or not we could afford to send them three days or not, and I went back the next day and made our deposit.  So, up until this morning, I have been just excited for them (and for me!) about them going.  But....this morning, I wake up and am having my quiet time and thinking about the day ahead and praying for the boys and…

What we've been doing....

When I wasn't busy stressing over the sushi party, we actually were doing things last week.  
The boys were busy doing this:

The thing about this that cracks me up is that they were playing on the other side of the yard most of the afternoon.  They just had their superheroes all set up and lined up so that they could "watch" the boys play!

having a popsicle....

and showing me his Flash!
the other thing that I was doing was washing dishes by hand, because our dishwasher that was original to the house and 16 years old sprung a major leak on Tuesday.  I was ever so thankful when I discovered that we had enough points on our credit card that would allow us to purchase a new dishwasher without being out any money on our end.  This has been the summer of new appliances....a washer and dryer over July 4th (can't remember if I ever got around to blogging about this one) and now a new dishwasher over Labor Day.  I feel incredibly blessed and thankful that we had saved our tax refu…

Sushi Party

Several months ago, Micah and I bid at a silent auction for a private sushi party for up to 20 people.  It was honestly kind of a split second decision and we didn't really think we would win, but we did!  So, we finally this last week got around to planning and holding our party.  We asked his parents if we could hold the party at their house since it is much bigger than ours and would accommodate a larger group.  The last couple of weeks have held no end of me stressing out over the details of the evening....what we were going to serve to eat along with the sushi, how to decorate, what to drink, the details of how it would all go down, etc., etc.  This past week found me scavenging at all the Asian markets in Tulsa for ingredients for what I thought would be a good accompaniment to the fabulous sushi I knew we were going to have.  I taste tested a green tea ice cream recipe that was absolutely disgusting and a waste of perfectly good ingredients.  I made two different cucumber s…

Catch Up

It has been a crazy week!

Monday was the funeral for my friend who passed away from breast cancer.  It was a beautiful service--no funeral in my mind is ever defined as good.  This one truly celebrated Sharon's life and how her life was in her Lord.  It always hits close to home for me when young women die of breast cancer and I was blessed to sit with some very dear friends who understood that and held my hand, placed an arm around my shoulder, and handed me some tissues.  The pastor had borrowed Sharon's Bible from her husband and used Scriptures that she had underlined and written little notes to the side of as the basis for his sermon. It was definitely a testimony of her love for the Lord and her trust in Him.  As sad as her mom and sister were to not have her present with them, they both told me with tears in their eyes, but joy in their voices, "we won! she is never going to hurt again."  What a comfort to know the Father and the healing that He brings.


Another name

The end of last week ended up being pretty busy which kept me from blogging and then on Friday night just as things were slowing down and giving way to the weekend that wasn't going to be as busy, I received a phone call sharing some news that made me just not want to even poke my head into the blog.  Several months ago, I shared about attending a special prayer service for the sister and daughter of some friends.  She was battling metastatic breast cancer and the doctors had told them that the treatment that they were pursuing was not having the effects that they wanted/needed.  They have been on my mind often these last few weeks and on Friday afternoon, Sharon was healed of the disease that was destroying her earthly body.  Of course, that healing that we are so thankful for also means her absence from this world.  It means a mom and dad have lost the physical presence of their daughter, a husband has lost his wife, a sister has lost her sister.  And our hearts grieve, because …

As promised

...we have videos!

I have to take advantage of when the boys are in the mood to be video recorded, and last night was one of those times.  Yesterday after their nap, we listened to the entirety of Bob and Larry's Sunday Morning Songs while I attempted to work with them climbing all over me, sitting in my lap, sitting behind me in the chair, etc.  That listening spawned  an evening of them singing over and over several songs from the CD.  So, I decided to take advantage and record some of it, b/c it is hilarious!!

We have William singing Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho:

We have Xavier singing the same song:

And we have them both singing a song from VBS:

You can say a lot of things about the Derby boys, but you can NOT say that they are quiet or don't have personality!


Well, this week is gradually easing us back into Micah's school schedule. He has a few responsibilities at school this afternoon as well as Thursday, followed by orientation on Friday and classes start Monday morning at 8 AM.  We plan on taking advantage of this week and enjoying some sweet family time.

My heart has been heavy this morning and afternoon as I have waited on word from friend whose son had surgery this morning to remove a cancerous tumor from his thyroid.  This is a friend, a fellow breast cancer survivor, that I met through my Young Survivors' group.  My heart has ached for her as she has watched her 10 year old son be diagnosed, go through the whole ordeal of a PET scan, and now surgery.  I can only imagine the helplessness that she is feeling, the hurt, the pain, the anger even.  Fortunately, he is not going to have to go through chemo or radiation, but he will have to take medication for the rest of his life.   I have heard from her now and he came through s…

Sometimes, I don't love Oklahoma

Early this morning, one of my oldest dearest friends in all the world gave birth to her first daughter.  I am so overjoyed for them, and yet have been sad all day that I am not there to help them welcome little Emmalyn to the world.  I called my sister this morning and said that maybe I was just getting what I deserved since the boys were born in France and everyone else was here in the States. It just feels wrong not to be able to be there, to rush over to the hospital and get to ooh and ahh over the new little one.  I spent several hours trying to figure out a way to make a quick trip by myself without the boys in the next week before Micah starts school, but there are just too many commitments and responsibilities.  And it isn't really a quick trip with it being 10 hours one way.  So, today, I have decided that I don't love being in is way too far away from so many friends and loved ones.  Welcome to the world, sweet little Emmalyn, I can't wait to meet y…


Nothing too exciting to share today....I am feeling kind of uninspired on the blog front.  I have decided that I am a bit in denial about Micah going back to school as of next Friday.  He doesn't really start classes, it is just orientation, but the following Monday, it will be game on.  I know that we will be fine and we will adjust. I just also know that it isn't always easy for a few weeks. The boys will be missing him, I will be missing him, and he of course will be missing us, but will have lots of stuff to keep his head occupied.  
We were supposed to go to a friends house to swim today, but while I was gone to my meeting last night, Xavier came down with a massive ear infection, so we opted to postpone until next week.  The boys did get their hair cut this morning and we stopped by to visit the preschool that I most likely am going to enroll them in next week.  They are excited about going and to be honest, I am kind of excited about having them go. I know that it is onl…

Thankful Thursday

Today, I am thankful for....

Rain, and a much needed break in our excruciatingly hot week--it has been over 100 every day this week.That tonight is my monthly Young Survivors meeting--I really love our group of womenFor sweet little boys who tell me that whatever I serve them is the best meal in the whole world!For a husband who loves me in spite of my crazyness! :)What are you thankful for today?

Wednesday's Words

Since it was so popular last week, I decided to go for another Wednesday's Words!

While putting puzzles together--"mommy, you are SO cool!"--I sincerely hope that this sentiment lasts.He comes running to tell me, "Someone sent you a tag message" (or text message, apparently we don't enunciate.)He sneezed while eating and apple and this is what he says: "I sneezed while I had apple in my mouth and I made apple juice in my hand!" William:
We were eating monkey bread muffins for breakfast and William says, "this tastes like.....monkey!!""I just getting so fwustwated with my bwudduur"--apparently, Xavier wasn't playing nice. After I had said "oh my stars" most likely in reaction to them taking FOREVER to pick up their puzzle pieces, William says, "why you say 'oh my stars' like Aunt Mewissa?......oh my black panther!!!"  completely cracked me up.For me:
I am reading Laura Bush's Spoken Fro…


So, I had grand plans of sharing some pictures tonight, but seriously, I am too tired of looking at the computer to upload or even pull out the ol' external hard drive and find some that I haven't put on here.

We had a busy, but fun weekend.  We were all three overjoyed to see Micah on Friday night and I am pretty sure that he was happy to see us as well.  Saturday, we slept in and enjoyed a day of yard work, errands, cleaning, and visiting with his parents and a medical student from Tennessee that is staying with them for a month doing a rotation at a local hospital.  He is two years ahead of Micah and it was fun to hear about his first year of rotations and also to talk about fun Nashville stuff, since he grew up not far from there.

Yesterday was church and some much needed family time.  And today, Micah was back to meetings for some events that he is helping to plan for the beginning of the school year (which is next week, people, next week!! where did this summer go?).  I …