As promised

...we have videos!

I have to take advantage of when the boys are in the mood to be video recorded, and last night was one of those times.  Yesterday after their nap, we listened to the entirety of Bob and Larry's Sunday Morning Songs while I attempted to work with them climbing all over me, sitting in my lap, sitting behind me in the chair, etc.  That listening spawned  an evening of them singing over and over several songs from the CD.  So, I decided to take advantage and record some of it, b/c it is hilarious!!

We have William singing Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho:

We have Xavier singing the same song:

And we have them both singing a song from VBS:

You can say a lot of things about the Derby boys, but you can NOT say that they are quiet or don't have personality!


Anonymous said…
They have so MUCH energy--thanks for posting the videos. Your dad and I really enjoyed them--a bright spot to our morning.
What great singers!!! I love seeing them in "real-time!" Andrew will enjoy watching them too after his nap!
Amy said…
Those boys definitely have a future on Broadway!! Hilarious! I'm out of breath just from watching them. I don't know how you do it, Becky. Thank goodness for preschool this year! ;)
Monica said…
:) Hey-lu-ya! I love it!!
And I have to ask...does exercise or sports wear them out or only wind them up more?

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