Catch Up

It has been a crazy week!

Monday was the funeral for my friend who passed away from breast cancer.  It was a beautiful service--no funeral in my mind is ever defined as good.  This one truly celebrated Sharon's life and how her life was in her Lord.  It always hits close to home for me when young women die of breast cancer and I was blessed to sit with some very dear friends who understood that and held my hand, placed an arm around my shoulder, and handed me some tissues.  The pastor had borrowed Sharon's Bible from her husband and used Scriptures that she had underlined and written little notes to the side of as the basis for his sermon. It was definitely a testimony of her love for the Lord and her trust in Him.  As sad as her mom and sister were to not have her present with them, they both told me with tears in their eyes, but joy in their voices, "we won! she is never going to hurt again."  What a comfort to know the Father and the healing that He brings.

Monday also was Micah's first day back to school.  Let me be the first to say that I have been a bit apprehensive about him starting back, knowing what an adjustment it was for everyone last year as well as the fact that although everyone 'says' that the second year is so much easier, I have decided to take a 'wait and see' attitude.  So far, so good.  He is loving his classes and he really does think this year is going to be a bit easier--although, I think it is a bit of a stretch to call it will most definitely still entail many long hours of studying.

Wednesday, two of my worlds collided.  It is no secret that I totally enjoy digital scrapbooking.  When I first started scrapping and getting involved in some forums online, I never really thought that I would ever like make actual friends who I would actually meet in real life.  Confession:  when I first started scrapping, some people would talk about their "real life" friends and their "online" friends and I kind of thought they were cuckoo.  Anyway, I have actually made some online friends and on Wednesday I had a chance to meet Kellie and her little boys and we had a great time visiting and letting our collective 4 boys run around crazy at our house.  To be honest, I was a bit nervous, but because we had emailed and instant messaged so often, it felt like just one of my friends coming over for a visit, because, well, it was just one of my friends coming over for a visit.
A couple of pictures from our visit:
Xavier insisted on wearing his Spiderman costume and it is not easy to get 4 little boys still and smiling for a picture!

I have been busy with keeping up with the boys and the house this week with Micah starting back, but it hasn't been bad.  We are starting to get back into our own rhythm of how things will go. I am more than a little looking forward to the boys starting preschool in a couple of weeks. They have been bouncing off the walls hyper lately.  This morning, I made them go outside and play for awhile because the house could not contain their energy any more.  And Xavier declared to me that he was kind of "nervous" about going outside.....personally, I think he has no clue what nervous means.  But I was kind of proud of him for attempting to use a new word.

Oh and I about forgot the other news from this week!  We have been procrastinating on getting the boys to the dentist for teeth cleanings and check ups.  While I have always had excellent dental health, Micah on the other hand has chalk for teeth (and he honestly has better dental hygiene than anyone I have ever met!) and we have been a bit worried that the boys were going to follow in his footsteps.  Well, I finally got the boys scheduled at the pediatric dentist here in town, and I am so happy to say that Xavier was an angel and he has great teeth, no sign of cavities or anything.   Although, orthodontics are most likely in his future because his permanent teeth are going to have no where to come in--great!  We will see how William does next month when it is his turn.

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Monica said…
I'll be praying for all of y'all this next week as you adjust to a new routine! And your "online" friend could easily pass for your sister y'all look so much alike!
listgirl said…
I really enjoyed reading your catch-up post! It's uplifting to read about your strong faith in Jesus and also your friend's family's strong faith. It sounded and looked like the visit with Kellie and her boys went really well! How fun!

Awesome fantastic pages, as usual. I wish my mojo would come back.

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