First Day

Okay, so if I talked to you at any time in the last several months, you probably know that I have been agonizing/deliberating ad nauseum about whether or not to keep the boys home or to send them to preschool.  Finally, about a month ago, I finally made the decision that yes they should go and went to sign them up for the 2 day program at this small Lutheran preschool only to find out that they had revamped their program a bit and that now, they only offered 3 and 4 day preschool.  Well.....having made the decision to send them 2 days, I didn't think that I would be able to then backpedal and not send them at all.  So, I came  home and we did the math as to whether or not we could afford to send them three days or not, and I went back the next day and made our deposit.  So, up until this morning, I have been just excited for them (and for me!) about them going.  But....this morning, I wake up and am having my quiet time and thinking about the day ahead and praying for the boys and all of a sudden, I feel tears in my eyes, a bit of panic in my heart, as I silently ask the Lord if we made the right decision...after all, 'they don't HAVE to go, I am home, I am going to be sending them away forever after this, they will survive, right?'  About that time, I remembered that we had prayed about this decision and long labored over it and that we felt good about it, and they were more than excited to be starting.   They got up and the first thing they asked was when they were going to school.    Micah decided to miss his first couple of classes this morning so that he could go with us to drop them off.  So, I made pancakes for all three of my school boys and we got everyone ready for a couple of pictures before we left.





right in front of their school, dropping them off

At the preschool, there were no tears, there was hardly a goodbye from them as they immediately went into class and found fifteen new things to play with, each one way more interesting than mom and dad.  And I came home, got our dishwasher installed, and enjoyed running errands all by my lonesome.  


Amy said…
Oh, Becky!! They look so handsome and grown-up...even Micah! :) I had prayed with you about this, friend, and am so glad the Lord helped you and Micah to make the decision and gave you peace to calm your heart even this morning. I know they are going to do fabulous at school and you will get to have some "me" time now. Hopefully we can talk during some of that time now! Miss you!
Melissa said…
Look at those handsome boys with their hair all slicked back. :) And glad there were no tears - I certainly didn't expect them from the boys or you!
ahhh the things they will learn though! They will love preschool! (what days do they go? M-W-F?)
I know what you mean, Bella did preschool last year on the M-W-F schedule but this year my JUST turned 5yr old starts all day kindergarten! Ahh I'm not sure I'm ready for that!
How did their day go?
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing such a momentous occasion, Becky. What a handsome family picture of everyone. Am anxious to hear their story from the experience yesterday. Grandma E.
LaCombe said…
You made the right choice. They will make new friends and will probably minister to those who need it and talk about Jesus to those who don't know him! Good Choice! Prayers, Kathy
Monica said…
Loved the pictures! They look so excited! :) And I think it's wonderful that Micah skipped classes to be there for this important milestone! Way to go Mom and Dad! What did Micah do to his arm?
Babbling Brooke said…
Well, I appreciated this post b/c we are right there trying to decide to send Andrew back to school or not.

Your boys are super cute with their backpacks!!

Also, would you mind to tell me what credit card you use to acquire points? I want to change our credit card and that sounds good to me!

Mayme said…
Okay, so you are better than me. I left Emma the first day and cried like a big sissy all the way out until I got home. Now that she is loving it and asking for "school" every day, I know that we made the right decision. Your boys are so handsome and growing up WAY too fast.

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