Nothing too exciting to share today....I am feeling kind of uninspired on the blog front.  I have decided that I am a bit in denial about Micah going back to school as of next Friday.  He doesn't really start classes, it is just orientation, but the following Monday, it will be game on.  I know that we will be fine and we will adjust. I just also know that it isn't always easy for a few weeks. The boys will be missing him, I will be missing him, and he of course will be missing us, but will have lots of stuff to keep his head occupied.  

We were supposed to go to a friends house to swim today, but while I was gone to my meeting last night, Xavier came down with a massive ear infection, so we opted to postpone until next week.  The boys did get their hair cut this morning and we stopped by to visit the preschool that I most likely am going to enroll them in next week.  They are excited about going and to be honest, I am kind of excited about having them go. I know that it is only for a few hours a week, but it will provide them with much needed social hours, as well as skill building for kindergarten, AND it will provide me with some much needed time to grocery shop by myself, get some really focused work done without interruption, and maybe help me keep a bit more sane through the school year.

I haven't posted pages in a couple of days, so I thought I would share a couple:

I know that I have waxed eloquent on more than one occasion about the Jesus Storybook Bible, but bear with me that I scrapped this phrase from it this time. It is one of my favorite phrases that is repeated over and over and I LOVE that the boys will repeat it with no prompting.

this is from when their cousin Q spent the night the first part of July

a visit to the splash pad with Q
This weekend we have a couple of evenings planned with friends, a baby shower tomorrow, and that is about it.


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