Well, this week is gradually easing us back into Micah's school schedule. He has a few responsibilities at school this afternoon as well as Thursday, followed by orientation on Friday and classes start Monday morning at 8 AM.  We plan on taking advantage of this week and enjoying some sweet family time.

My heart has been heavy this morning and afternoon as I have waited on word from friend whose son had surgery this morning to remove a cancerous tumor from his thyroid.  This is a friend, a fellow breast cancer survivor, that I met through my Young Survivors' group.  My heart has ached for her as she has watched her 10 year old son be diagnosed, go through the whole ordeal of a PET scan, and now surgery.  I can only imagine the helplessness that she is feeling, the hurt, the pain, the anger even.  Fortunately, he is not going to have to go through chemo or radiation, but he will have to take medication for the rest of his life.   I have heard from her now and he came through surgery well.  The surgery was a bit more extensive than originally thought, and recovery will be difficult, but he will be okay.

Also, a few pictures and layouts from last week:
they had just gotten their haircut and Loren had put red and blue wax in their hair for a "treat" although they both whined about it until they got home and their daddy declared it cool

Micah and the boys put all of their puzzles together one afternoon last week (and this is only part of them!)

Stay tuned tomorrow for some super fun videos! :)


Monica said…
:) They're all great, but I love the puzzle fest pic and Rory pic (your caption on that one was funny!). Hope your friend's son heals quickly.
I am extremely impressed by all the puzzle work!!!
listgirl said…
Fantastic layouts Becky! Somehow these two pages look almost paper-scrapped, the dimensions and shadows are so realistic!

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