Wednesday's Words

Since it was so popular last week, I decided to go for another Wednesday's Words!

  • While putting puzzles together--"mommy, you are SO cool!"--I sincerely hope that this sentiment lasts.
  • He comes running to tell me, "Someone sent you a tag message" (or text message, apparently we don't enunciate.)
  • He sneezed while eating and apple and this is what he says: "I sneezed while I had apple in my mouth and I made apple juice in my hand!"
  • We were eating monkey bread muffins for breakfast and William says, "this tastes like.....monkey!!"
  • "I just getting so fwustwated with my bwudduur"--apparently, Xavier wasn't playing nice.
  • After I had said "oh my stars" most likely in reaction to them taking FOREVER to pick up their puzzle pieces, William says, "why you say 'oh my stars' like Aunt Mewissa?......oh my black panther!!!"  completely cracked me up.
For me:
I am reading Laura Bush's Spoken From the is long, like 450 pages long.  I am only about 130 pages in, but George has just announced he is running for president, so I expect it to get increasingly interesting.  She talks so much about Texas and how the land really shaped their lives.  She was also an only child and it has been interesting to read how that impacted her life.  Plus, I love that it is written like she talks, like you can almost hear her saying everything that is written.  And, she is educated and I love that she uses interesting words that you don't hear everyday.


      Melissa said…
      Glad to hear William knows my signature phrase. LOL
      Jen said…
      I have read Spoken from the Heart and I agree with you. It does feel like you can hear her speaking the words of the book. I really enjoyed it and yes it does get more interesting. Especially when she talks about 9/11 and what was going on after that day.

      I like your blog:)
      Anonymous said…
      I'm in the middle of the book--right at Sept 11--she adds a whole new perspective. It has been very interesting. You can tell she loves Texas. Didn't know you were reading it too!

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