So, I had grand plans of sharing some pictures tonight, but seriously, I am too tired of looking at the computer to upload or even pull out the ol' external hard drive and find some that I haven't put on here.

We had a busy, but fun weekend.  We were all three overjoyed to see Micah on Friday night and I am pretty sure that he was happy to see us as well.  Saturday, we slept in and enjoyed a day of yard work, errands, cleaning, and visiting with his parents and a medical student from Tennessee that is staying with them for a month doing a rotation at a local hospital.  He is two years ahead of Micah and it was fun to hear about his first year of rotations and also to talk about fun Nashville stuff, since he grew up not far from there.

Yesterday was church and some much needed family time.  And today, Micah was back to meetings for some events that he is helping to plan for the beginning of the school year (which is next week, people, next week!! where did this summer go?).  I have spent a ton of time working on the computer for my regular job as well as my fun coffee job.

Tonight, we spent some more family time playing games with the boys.  Seriously, 45 minutes of Hi-Ho Cherry-O, Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See, Chutes and Ladders, and Candyland is enough to send anyone to the insane asylum.  Then, you throw in Xavier who never once stops moving--he is either jumping up and down, spinning around, hopping on one foot....you get the picture, it is insanity in motion!  Then, we read the Boxcar Children and the Jesus Storybook Bible and everyone was glad when they went to bed.

One really sweet moment from today was at breakfast when Xavier was praying.  He is going along and all of sudden, he says, "and I love you and help me to obey my mommy and daddy..."  (melting heart, right here!)  The boys do alot of thank you prayers (i.e. instead of help, it is always "thank you for... " "thank you for little boys obey their mommy and daddy" in that vein) so it was kind of a big deal to me to hear my sweet boy tell God that he loves Him.  I hope that he grows up to do just that!


Amy said…
I'm just going to leave one comment for the last couple of posts. I'm also reading Laura Bush's book. I finally got the call from the library last week that it was my turn. I've enjoyed it so far but I'm trying to read really fast before it's due back.

I'm right there with you on the routine and discipline thing. What is it about the summer that just makes me lazy, or should I say lazier!

I love that sweet prayer of Xavier's. That's one thing I remember so fondly from my visit. You've done such a good job of teaching the boys to pray and not just repeat the standard "God is great" mealtime prayer. I know God has such great plans for those 2!

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