What we've been doing....

When I wasn't busy stressing over the sushi party, we actually were doing things last week.  

The boys were busy doing this:


The thing about this that cracks me up is that they were playing on the other side of the yard most of the afternoon.  They just had their superheroes all set up and lined up so that they could "watch" the boys play!


having a popsicle....

and showing me his Flash!

the other thing that I was doing was washing dishes by hand, because our dishwasher that was original to the house and 16 years old sprung a major leak on Tuesday.  I was ever so thankful when I discovered that we had enough points on our credit card that would allow us to purchase a new dishwasher without being out any money on our end.  This has been the summer of new appliances....a washer and dryer over July 4th (can't remember if I ever got around to blogging about this one) and now a new dishwasher over Labor Day.  I feel incredibly blessed and thankful that we had saved our tax refund money for home improvements and that covered the washer and dryer and that again we were provided for with our points on our card for the dishwasher.  Unfortunately, the dishwasher has not been delivered yet, so it has been all handwashing for me.  Let's just say that although I have lived many years of my life without a dishwasher, it is one of the modern conveniences that I really do appreciate.  There is nothing like knowing that you are going to be washing every last dish and utensil yourself to make you stop and think whether or not you really need to get ANOTHER glass out of the cabinet.  The installers are bringing the dishwasher in the morning  right after I drop the boys off for their very first day of preschool.  I am pretty excited about the dishwasher, but let's be honest here, I am way more excited about preschool! :)


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