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I always struggle a bit getting back into the routine of blogging when I have been conspicuously absent from it.  Do I take the time to give a real recap of all that has been going on? Do I just take right up where I left off and pretend that I haven't even taken a break?  I never really know the protocol and don't feel like berating myself for being a bad blogger when in actuality, I pretty much blog for myself, to have a record of my days, and if my days have been too busy for blogging, then they have been too busy for blogging. 

Basically, the last few weeks have been insanely crazy, topped off with getting sick and trying to recover this week.  Yesterday was the Race for the Cure here in Tulsa and Micah and I headed down to participate. It never fails to being so many emotions as I look around me at the sea of pink, the many walkers who are celebrating and remembering loved ones and dear friends, and of course all the crazy t-shirts and team names.  My original plan for th…

some things about having my mom visit

I know that not everyone counts it a blessing when their mom comes to stay for several days, but I am one of the lucky few who considers it a good thing.  So, when my mom and dad made a visit a couple of weeks ago and since my mom was already planning to go to the women's retreat in Missouri, I mentioned that I thought it would be perfect if she just decided to stay with me for a week and dad could pick her up at the retreat since he was planning on meeting us there anyway to hang out with the boys.  I was quite excited that she decided to do it.  So, this morning as I was going about my day, I have been thinking of her often and missing her being here after having her for 10 days or so.

So, I thought I would make a little list of some pretty awesome things about having my mom here:

Chicken and dumplings...need I say more?  I have tried, but never replicated the awesomeness that is her chicken and dumplingsa dishwasher that is always magically filled and put awayteaching her how to…


Today marks another milestone for me...three years since my cancer surgery, three years with zero cancer in my body!  Thanking the Lord today for His goodness and gracious mercy in our lives.

I have a much needed update in the works, have been busy with my parents visiting, speaking at a women's retreat, and getting sick/crashing now that I am home.  Hoping I am feeling more chatty tomorrow!

Wednesday's Words

These were the boys' Sunday School papers this week.  Seriously, how cute is this!  Obviously, their artistic skills are a work in process, but I love their answers to the questions!
And of course, they would be able to give exact descriptions of everything that they drew.  I throw away a LOT of their papers, but these are probably going to go in the "to keep" pile.
For me, I am still reading Radical and also started Three Cups of Tea.

Interesting Reading

During the last week, I haven't had much time to get through my google reader for the variety of blogs that I normally peruse, and so this morning have spent some time doing just that and came across a couple of interesting posts, that if you have time, I would encourage you to read.  Maybe you will find them interesting too!

Stuff Christians Like is a blog I just recently added, his writing is normally fairly light, yet interesting, and occasionally pointed view on Christian 'pop culture'.  This post of fancy pulpits just made me laugh!This post at Plugged In about profanity and how it is even becoming commonplace among believers was interesting.My friend Amy linked to this blog post and I actually read it earlier in the week, but so much of what she says has just been playing over in the background of my mind all week, so I thought I would share.And this post just resonated with me and probably sparked my thankful thursday comment about hair.


Last night a cool front moved in and gave way to an amazing day today!!  The sun was shining, but there was a nice cool breeze, the high was supposed to be low 80s.  A pretty perfect day, in my opinion.  A friend from college recently moved to the area and the boys and I met up with her and her three boys at the zoo this morning. It was actually kind of cool when we arrived and I wondered if I should have brought a jacket.  That is so nice, to actually want to put more clothing on as opposed to wanting to peel layers off!  We had a very fun zoo visit (even met up with another friend and her two girls!) although sadly there were no good pictures taken.  When your group consists of 7 kids and three adults, I decided we were doing good to get in and around the zoo.  Then, we ended with lunch at McDonalds while Allison and I caught up and let the boys run wild in the play area.  That completely exhausted the boys and they took a 2 hour nap when we got home! YAY!  Which gave me a good excu…

Thankful Thursday

Today, I am exceedingly thankful for:

a good first week for the boys at preschool.  I love how much they love going and I would be lying if said I didn't love that it frees me up to get some work done kid-free!my mother in law who picked the boys up from school yesterday and allowed me to get some much needed work done on a retreat that I am speaking at in a couple of brother coming through surgery safelyhair....yes, I realize this is kind of random, but if you have followed me through my cancer journey, you amy know that losing my hair was one of the things that I grieved the most.  So, I have been thinking of hair a lot recently since mine is starting to get long again (longer now than when I was diagnosed!) and thought I would do a little picture review of my hair over the last few years:

Wednesday's Words

Heard around the Derby household this week....
yesterday afternoon, I look out and see the boys sitting on top of their little picnic table, on the same side, looking up at the roof, I pop my head out the door and William says: "we just talking about his Hulk and Power Ranger that he frew up dere"
tonight at dinner, the boys and I went down to school to have dinner with Micah while he took a break from studying, Xavier says: "I am just being a slow-coke"
this morning, William wasn't too happy with what he was wearing and kept telling me: "mommy, I want to change my alphabet"
Recently read around our house: The Help:  just finished it this weekend, it was so good, about the plight of blacks working for whites in Mississippi in the 60s.  The Kiterunner:  I had heard a lot of really good things about the book and while it was well written, it just made me really sad. Can't decide if I want to read the other book by this author: A Thousand Splendid Suns.Radic…