I always struggle a bit getting back into the routine of blogging when I have been conspicuously absent from it.  Do I take the time to give a real recap of all that has been going on? Do I just take right up where I left off and pretend that I haven't even taken a break?  I never really know the protocol and don't feel like berating myself for being a bad blogger when in actuality, I pretty much blog for myself, to have a record of my days, and if my days have been too busy for blogging, then they have been too busy for blogging. 

Basically, the last few weeks have been insanely crazy, topped off with getting sick and trying to recover this week.  Yesterday was the Race for the Cure here in Tulsa and Micah and I headed down to participate. It never fails to being so many emotions as I look around me at the sea of pink, the many walkers who are celebrating and remembering loved ones and dear friends, and of course all the crazy t-shirts and team names.  My original plan for this year was to run the 5k, but the best laid plans don't always pan out.  This summer was consumed with our crazy life, many visitors, a couple of sicknesses, and out of town trips and capped off with some reaction that I have been having to my hormone blocker causing me pain in my feet....and so, the training for the 5k didn't really get completely accomplished.  But, Micah and I and a friend ended up walking half and running half and I felt good about that. It was definitely more than I could have done last year and maybe next year, I will actually be able to run the whole thing--would love that! 

One very exciting thing for me this week was that I replaced my old laptop that died back in the spring.  I have been setting money aside for this very purpose for a while now and last weekend I received and honorarium from the retreat that I spoke at and that just put me way over the top and so I very eagerly ordered my very own brand spankin' new laptop.  It arrived Friday afternoon and it  just did my heart good yesterday afternoon to sit in my recliner and scrap, surf the net, and catch up on some recorded tv shows....I am feeling quite spoiled by technology at the moment!  The boys were gone on a little trip with their grandparents and Micah was studying and I had the whole house to myself.  It was like a little piece of heaven.  Of course, I was more than ready to see the boys again and have some of their sweet hugs and kisses, but seriously, a quiet house was wonderful!

And I was productive!  Take a look:


ahh sounds like a great time!
new laptop, time alone and yeah for scrapping!
Amy said…
Yay for a new laptop! Your pages are beautiful. Hope you have a good week!
Rebecca H. said…
new laptop rocks!! glad you had a 'spoiled' day! love your layouts! you are always so inspiring!

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