some things about having my mom visit

I know that not everyone counts it a blessing when their mom comes to stay for several days, but I am one of the lucky few who considers it a good thing.  So, when my mom and dad made a visit a couple of weeks ago and since my mom was already planning to go to the women's retreat in Missouri, I mentioned that I thought it would be perfect if she just decided to stay with me for a week and dad could pick her up at the retreat since he was planning on meeting us there anyway to hang out with the boys.  I was quite excited that she decided to do it.  So, this morning as I was going about my day, I have been thinking of her often and missing her being here after having her for 10 days or so.

So, I thought I would make a little list of some pretty awesome things about having my mom here:

  • Chicken and dumplings...need I say more?  I have tried, but never replicated the awesomeness that is her chicken and dumplings
  • a dishwasher that is always magically filled and put away
  • teaching her how to play Words With Friends
  • drinking coffee together, not everyone appreciates coffee like I do and it is great to have someone to enjoy it with
  • having her help and support with the boys--I love that she always backs me up and tries to reinforce what I am teaching them
  • she majorly helped me get ready for the consignment sale this week
  • lots of good talks and sweet times
  • walking together (although, we didn't get to do this as often as I would have liked!)
  • watching cooking shows together
  • seeing how much the boys enjoy having her around
  • and biscuits and sausage gravy
Do you like how I bookended the list with foods that she made?  What is it about your mom's cooking that just is never the same when you do it?

I have more things to recap and some pictures to edit and post, but thought I would at least write this up.

I love you, Mom!! thanks for coming and staying with me!


Anonymous said…
This mom is very privileged to have the chance to spend time with you and see what everyday looks like in the Derby household. BUSY! I loved every minute.
Monica said…
Fried okra & fried squash - it doesn't matter what I do, or how many times I watch her, mine has never, ever tasted anything like hers.
One of the biggest mysteries in life, for me, is how everyone wouldn't consider spending time with their mother a blessing. I miss that so much. You are fortunate to have yours and to recognize how precious she is. My list of things about having mom visit would probably begin and end with food, too. Hmmmm......Fried Steak with Rice and Gravy and then Fried Okra and Butter Beans.
Amy said…
Sounds like a wonderful visit! I'm so glad you had that time together. Now I'm hungry for some biscuits and gravy! :)
LaCombe said…
You ae so Blessed to have your mom come and stay! I miss my mom, but talk often on the phone and just found out yesterday that she believes in Jesus, which I have been praying for for years. Not sure if she is saved, but that is next.Thank you God. Now for the rest of my family. Love you Beck and always Pray for you and the family!
Lisa Carroll said…
I agree, having Mom around is wonderful. Love that you documented the little things that make the time so special. I am going to have to lift that idea!

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