Thankful Thursday

Today, I am exceedingly thankful for:

  • a good first week for the boys at preschool.  I love how much they love going and I would be lying if said I didn't love that it frees me up to get some work done kid-free!
  • my mother in law who picked the boys up from school yesterday and allowed me to get some much needed work done on a retreat that I am speaking at in a couple of weeks.
  • my brother coming through surgery safely
  • hair....yes, I realize this is kind of random, but if you have followed me through my cancer journey, you amy know that losing my hair was one of the things that I grieved the most.  So, I have been thinking of hair a lot recently since mine is starting to get long again (longer now than when I was diagnosed!) and thought I would do a little picture review of my hair over the last few years:

August 2008, this was pretty much my regular style!! I am even still have my eyebrows (although they didn't stick around much longer!)

At the beach in Marseille, France, I definitely had some good hair growth
August 2008

with Micah at his white coat ceremony, August 2009

August 2010, longer than before I was diagnosed

What are you thankful for today?


Melissa said…
Love all the hair pics! And that purple shirt is really cute!
Tia said…
I'm so thankful for God's provision in your life journey! Don't suppose you're coming to the ILWAC Retreat? Much love my friend!
LaCombe said…
I am Thankful for Everyday! Meeting you and following you through your journey! It has been a Blessing to me to feel God through You! I like your hair in all the pics, but especially the short style, it shows your face so Beautifully! Love ya and Prayers always! Kathy

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