Wednesday's Words

These were the boys' Sunday School papers this week.  Seriously, how cute is this!  Obviously, their artistic skills are a work in process, but I love their answers to the questions!

And of course, they would be able to give exact descriptions of everything that they drew.  I throw away a LOT of their papers, but these are probably going to go in the "to keep" pile.

For me, I am still reading Radical and also started Three Cups of Tea.


Monica said…
Their drawing isn't bad at all! In fact, I'd say William has included details (the bend of the arms) that most four year olds don't include! :) It always intrigues me how boys focus more on limbs and girls more on the faces.
Three Cups of Tea is in my reading pile as well, though I don't know when I'll get to it.
Brian Lewis said…
Look on the bright side...If Xavier is going to live with you when he grows up, at least feeding him will be easy...goldfish and milk!
Melissa said…
Love the very bold colors and drawings. :)

I started Radical this week. Not sure I'll make it past the first chapter.

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