Best laid plans

I have had so many ideas for blog posts recently...some funny, some serious, some reflections, some recapping, even some recipes, but alas....time is just way too short these days and blogging just hasn't been a priority.  The boys and I took off last Thursday morning for a couple of days in St. Louis with my family, it has become a fall break tradition for all of us to meet up somewhere in Missouri for a busy 2 day getaway.  It is always great fun, but completely exhausting.  So, the trip coming on the tail end of revival at our church has left me very little time for actually uploading photos and recapping the events. 

Hopefully soon. 

To top it all off, Micah has been so incredibly busy.  He has had 11 major exams in three weeks time.  We have seen very little of him and I know that the boys are feeling it...I am feeling it.  This morning, driving the boys to school, I was just feeling kind of down and realized that I just miss my husband.    I miss laughing and talking with him, sharing the ups and downs of the days.  I am not crazy, I do know how incredibly fortunate we are, at least I get to see him briefly at night, we can talk occasionally during the day and often have short texting conversations.  I think of military wives and how difficult it must be for them and I know that I should be thankful....and I am, but it doesn't make me miss him any less.  We know that this is a season in our life and just as God has called us to this season, He will sustain us.  I was reminded today how I need to be asking the Lord what He wants to teach me through this.  Instead of complaining, I want to use it in my life as an opportunity for growth.  We are learning to take advantage of the few minutes that we have together to share a few quick stories here and there and we look forward to a day when we will not be quite as busy as we are now.

Just wanted to pop in and say we are here, just hanging in there! For a few pictures from our visit in St. Louis with the family, feel free to stop by Melissa's blog for a few pictures!


Tia said…
I know you will cherish the moments with Micah you have now, and I'm sure you'll appreciate him more as this season passes. Hang in there!
Amy said…
I've been missing your blogging lately...of course, I am one to talk! :) I know this is a busy, hectic time for your family. I'm praying the Lord will strengthen and sustain you both. Love and miss you, friend!

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