Confused and other ramblings on doctors

I guess I can tell that we have gotten into the school routine of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday school for the boys since yesterday they didn't have school for fall break and I spent the entire day thinking that it was Friday and that meant the weekend, but guess what?  yesterday was Thursday and today is not the weekend, which means that I officially need to make myself productive today. 

I do have a doctor's appointment early afternoon.  Just a checkup, although I am having some issues with one of my medications, and so I want to talk with him about that. Unfortunately, I am not going to get to see my regular oncologist because he is out of office with a family medical emergency.  This may seem a bit crazy, but this has brought no end of stress to my life, mostly because I am so comfortable with my regular doc--he knows me, he knows my case, and I trust him. I have friends who go to this new doctor, and I am sure that he is an excellent doctor, it is just that I guess I am spoiled. We will see how it goes. I am trying to remain optimistic and am honestly just so thankful to be seeing a doctor, since I am about 6 weeks overdue for my regular appointment that keeps getting cancelled and rescheduled.

In other news, we did not see Micah at all yesterday.  He has taken to leaving at the ungodly hour of 5:15, and although I am usually an early riser (5:45 is as early as I like to be up), I barely wake up for him to kiss me goodbye.    He didn't get home last night until midnight and was out the door again at 5:15 this morning and I vaguely remember him telling me that his test was at 9 and that he still had a ton of work to do.  He has an exam this morning and a massive one on Monday morning and he can breathe for a few days.  I am super proud of him though, because even though he is exhausted and so done with it all, he is perservering AND managing to pull great grades.  Go, Micah!!

Since this post has included my other ramblings on doctors, maybe I should just pause here to say that I personally had no idea what a beast medical school is.  As hard as it is for Micah, and for us (if I am being honest), I can't say that I am sad.  When you think about how much confidence we put in doctors, I have to admit that I am thankful that medical school is not only really hard to get in to, but also that it is difficult to get through.  I know that we still have several years of learning and gaining experience which will translate to some not always fun years for us as a family, but it is okay, because it is a season in life and our family will survive, and Micah is going to be a great doctor.  I know that and am very proud of him for how hard he is working and how well he is doing.  I know that for some people, it is easy to look at doctors and just see how much money they make....which completely depends on what specialty they decide to go into...but for me, I look at doctors people who helped save my life.  And while they make a decent salary, I also can not believe that any of them have gone into the profession simply for the paycheck....the hours are too long, the sacrifices  too great, and the encroachment on their personal life is significant....there are definitely other professions where you could make more money and have a lot less personal investment with the people that you see.  Maybe I am looking at it with rose colored glasses, I know that there are  those crazies who make into and out of medical school with the title DR. before their name, but I have been extraordinarily blessed with wonderful physicians who have cared for me and I have seen them care for other patients.  And I also know that we did not sign up for this, so that we would forever be financially is so not about the money, if it was, I don't know that anyone would really do it--it is crazy hard.    While I can't say that I will not be grateful for Micah to have a job that alleviates financial stress, it also brings another stress to our life about living responsibly and giving much back to the Lord and His work, when He has blessed us with much. 

Well....if that wasn't rambling, I don't know what is, I came on here this morning to simply say I was confused about what day it was and to post these layouts, and this what you got! :)

Happy Weekend, everyone!  The boys and I will be hanging out together, taking dinner to Micah and friends tomorrow night, then church and small group on Sunday.

One Fine Day by Valorie Wibbens and Amy Wolff

Remember When by Aja Abney and Amy Wolff


Monica said…
Bobby's last hospital visit (2 years ago), his urologist was out sick (the whole office minus one dr was out with food poisoning from an office party!) and I could not STAND the doc filling in. He did an okay job, but if you had to ask me which was more stressful, the cardiac care unit or the new doctor, to this day I'm not sure which one I would answer! Hope you loved your sub and felt comfortable with his suggestions!
LaCombe said…
I Praise you Becky for what you are going through,and handling it the way you are. I am not sure I could do it, cause when Don was gone for 2-3 days on Business, I had a hard time,and my boy were grown and gone, so you are so very Blessed and Micah is Blessed to have you! Hang in, Micah will be a great Doctor. Prayers and Love to you! Kathy

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