Fall/Halloween Fun

It has been non stop fall/halloween action at our house since Thursday morning. The boys had a fall celebration at school on Thursday morning and they were so excited they didn't quite know what to do with themselves.  They came home loaded down with projects and treat bags and more energy than they knew what to do with.  I did manage to force them to sit still for this picture with all of their loot:

Then, Thursday evening the Student Advocate Association at OSU-COM had organized something they called Spook-o-ween for the children of the students.  So, I made some sugar cookies, the boys donned some costumes, and we met Micah there for some fun.  There were games including an anatomy puzzle, a small inflatable, and a costume contest that Xavier was devastated that he did not win.  It was so sweet and sad at the same time, he kept asking me over and over 'why that girl didn't call my name?  maybe next year, i will wear a different costume.'

I love how much he LOVED going "fishing"

I had a hard time taking pictures that night because the lighting was so bad, and I apparently don't know how to use my camera in low light situations.  Oh, well....I guess life isn't about having 30,000 pictures of every event!  The boys had a blast playing the games and on the little inflatable.  I didn't even tell them about the event until about 30 minutes before we left because I knew that it would have been non stop asking "when are we leaving? is it time to go yet?".  As it happened, I almost didn't survive that 30 minutes.

Then, today was the 3rd annual Halloween party for the boys and their cousin Quentin at their grandparents house.  They go on nature walks looking for 'ghost tracks' (i.e. utility markings) and telling stories.  They carve pumpkins, have an inflatable, make pupcakes, etc.  And this year the fun started off with a pizza party and sleepover, so Micah and I very happily dropped them off on Friday evening and headed out the door for a date night.  Since my birthday is coming up next week, we took it as my birthday outing and went for sushi at Yokozuna and oh was it ever good!!  We had some pan seared chicken and pork gyoza for an appetizer, and shared two sushi rolls (even Micah is a convert) and some chicken pad thai.  It was fun to see the chef who had been at our sushi party a couple of months ago.  And it was just so wonderful to sit and talk and catch up after the craziness of the month.  And I am not going to lie, being able to sleep in this morning! 
Then, tonight we headed over to the Derby's for the traditional end of Halloween party hot dog roast and I managed to get some pictures of the kids.  I love these first two of how much fun they were having jumping in the leaves in their costumes:

this was as good as it got this year for the fall picture shoot

I am not sure who is more exhausted--the kids or the grandparents!

seriously love this picture!

they did some serious decorating--the purple one was William's favorite and the one on the bottom to the right of the blue one, with the orange blob?  that one has a cow on it--according to William!

Xavier getting creative eating the seriously messy smore that his daddy made him!

The boys were all so wiped out that they were just sitting on our laps, asking to come home and go to bed.  And yet, on the way home, as we were talking about their best and worst thing about the day, they both declared that their "worst thing they didn't like was leaving Grandma's house".  Somehow, I am thinking that tomorrow I maybe should mention that to grandma, because her feelings might have been a wee bit hurt by the incessant asking to go home! :) 

Can I just say I am ready for this holiday (that we don't really celebrate, except it is feeling very 'celebrated') to be over?  We still have Trunk or Treat tomorrow night.

Hope your weekend was good.  We have had amazing fall weather this week and we are loving it!


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