Monday night, already?

Most days I have every intention of updating my blog with some little funny story of the boys or maybe an update on what our days are like, but it seems that my days run out of time before those blog posts ever get written.  Take this weekend, for example, where did it go?  It feels like it was just Friday night and I was looking forward to the whole weekend ahead of me and here we are and it is already Monday night, the weekend long gone and a week's full of work ahead of me.  Ah, well, that is life in the Derby household.

Micah has an abundance of tests during October, so we have already started feeling the effects of that.  He was gone until 10 pm on Friday night, out the door Saturday morning at 7, we took him dinner Saturday night so that the boys could see him, he got home again around 10ish, went to early service on Sunday and back to studying until the rest of us got home from small groups around 8:30, then he was out the door this morning at 5:30.  We did get to see him for dinner (he had one test today and has another on Wednesday), but he is back at it again tonight.  Anyone else tired just reading that?  With him being gone so much, I have been trying to make sure and spend some extra fun time with the boys.  We went to the park on Saturday and had so much fun enjoying the fall weather and went to a new little frozen yogurt place that is close to our house.  We have ridden bikes and done sidewalk chalk.  We had a picnic and movie on Friday night.  We all miss Micah, but I am trying to encourage myself that it isn't always going to be like this. 

I have a few pages that I did over the weekend:


I love the "What do you see" page. So poignant.

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