We survived the weekend, and this morning as I write, Micah is taking his last midterm for this seemingly endless stretch of tests.  Eleven exams in three weeks feels a little crazy to me.  I know that tonight he is going to just want to collapse and get some rest.  The boys are so excited to see him though and so I know that it will be a balance for him to give them what they want and need and for him to get some of what he wants and needs too. 

I spent the weekend cooking (meatballs, mashed potatoes, green beans and carrots) for Micah and friends Saturday night, reading (Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman--really great book, I knew I was in trouble when I was literally close to weeping through the dedications page, but so worth the read!), cleaning, scrapping, and church yesterday.

Today is all about laundry...I am determined to get it all done, folded, and put away this week.  That is my normal plan, but the last couple of weeks it has taken me until later in the week and I do not like that hanging over my head. 

Here are a couple of layouts that I managed to get done this weekend:

I did decide for the umpteenth time this weekend that it really is crucial for me to get organized regarding my photo collection.  It is ridiculous.  I need to get motivated again to be working on the boys photo a day project (for their fourth birthday, I finished their baby quilts, maybe their fifth birthday, I will have finished their photo books.).  Then, I just have a gazillion photos some of which I really want to scrap, others of which, I probably don't care if they get scrapped or not, but heaven forbid I actually delete them, because they each capture a snippet of their personality....not exactly realistic, but that is how I feel sometimes.  We will see if I actually make myself find the time to do it or not!


Monica said…
You make me laugh! I finished my nephew's quilt (for his high school graduation) his junior year of college. As for scrapping, I have pictures from China that are now 12 years old and still in a shoebox. My goal is to have all my stuff in albums by May of next year and all my scrapbook stuff gone and out of my art room (seeing as I use it oh so often!) :) So maybe I'll have it done in 3 years?

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