New Experience

So, yesterday was a new experience for me.....going on a field trip with my four year olds.  All I can say is that I unfortunately see many of these in my future! Honestly, it wasn't horrible, it is just that large groups of small children stress me out even when I am not in charge of them.  They have been talking about fire safety at school and so today the four year old class took a short field trip to the fire station that is just down the road from their school.  The boys had SO much fun and it did give me a chance to meet some other moms from their school and also to see how the boys behave in a different situation other than just with me.  I was very proud of their behavior and how well they sat and listened (or pretended to listen, anyway!) to the firefighters.  They both said their favorite thing was getting to climb up in the fire truck.


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