Pink Heals Tour

Several months ago, I read online somewhere about something called the Pink Heals Tour where several fire departments had taken their fire trucks and painted them pink and were doing a tour to promote breast cancer awareness.  I thought it was interesting and when I found out they were going to be in Tulsa, I thought that the boys would enjoy going down there.  When we arrived, I was happy to see many of my young survivor friends from our local Young Survival Coalition group and we managed to take a few pictures.  I also ran into some friends from the FORCE group, but didn't manage to get any pictures with them with my hoping they send me some! These are women who have become dear friends to me as we walk through many of the same experiences, fears, frustrations, and issues that comes with a cancer diagnosis at a young age.  We even met a woman who just had her second treatment today who came and I hope that we as a group were able to encourage her that she is not alone. 

apparently, I didn't get the memo that we were to wear pink/purple! :)

The boys were thrilled to get some balloon animals and to hang out with Hud who they have been praying for since he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer about 3 months ago.

This was one of 5 trucks that were there

signing my name...

We got there before the fire trucks arrived, and as they made the turn into the parking lot, I was struck once again with a rush of emotion as I saw how they were covered with names....names of survivors...of women who each have a story of a life that was turned upside down by cancer....and who left a legacy of surviving.... I was reminded of what a huge sisterhood that I am a part that no one wants to be named in, but one that is full of strong, courageous women.


Annette said…
Thanks for sharing. I sent your link to my sister.

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