Wednesday's Words

Heard around our house the last week:

  • 'hey, brudder, let's play western like we did yesterday.'  'no, I want to play superheroes today.'--they are loving the fall weather and playing outside, there has been no end to the pretend play that has gone on in our backyard.  They do alot of running around, but also setting all the superheroes up on the table and having "conversations."
  • During that playing outside time with their superheroes, Xavier has a bad habit of throwing his superheroes up and has lost several on the roof.  At this point, we have told him, if they go up there, then they are up there, we aren't getting them down.  Today, he came in and told me that he had  'prayed and asked the Lord to send a strong wind to help get that Adam Strange down.'  completely cracked me up!
  • They learned the song "Purple People Eater" at school last week in honor of the color purple and they have been singing it ALL.WEEK.LONG.  I am thinking I need to get a video soon.
  • "oh, manners!"--"that's what I say in my head instead of 'oh, man!'"  ...this from the mouth of Xavier.


    Anonymous said…
    Where did our little boys go (grow)? They were so cute at the Barnes and Noble children's area.
    Thanks for bringing them!

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