Wednesday's Words

I have been trying to think of some cute stories from the boys to share for a Wednesday's Words post, but have been having a hard time thinking of specific ones. 

So, I thought I would share a few things that we are working on right now:

  • I may have mentioned that our church is doing a program on Wednesday nights called 7 Wonders that teaches them foundational truths of the Bible.  The First wonder is God is our Father, and the Second Wonder is the Bible is True.  I have been so proud of how they are committing Scripture to memory and was thrilled tonight to hear their teacher say that they were quoting the verses from 6 weeks ago when we started and remembering them really well.  (note to self:  take some video!)
  • I am helping to facilitate a study on Psalms 119 called Sweeter Than Chocolate ---although helping might be a strong term.  I am working with two other amazing ladies who are really doing the bulk of the work.  I have just been so blessed by their love for the Lord and His Word.  It is an excellent study, although a bit intensive.  One day soon, I would love to try to write down and attempt to summarize some of the things I am learning.
  • After our revival at church a few weeks ago (which I would still like to write about....), I have been so impressed with our responsibility as parents to speak into our children's lives words of truth, words that build them up and not tear down, words that point them always to our Father and back to God's Word as our standard for living.  As you can imagine, that creates a greater need in me to be living that out in front of them.  We have such a responsibility to shape and mold these young ones entrusted to our care and oh, that I would be faithful to model Christ-like behavior, trust in the Father, and to teach that to our boys.  Our words to our children are so powerful and I want mine to be full of truth communicated in a manner that reflects biblical teaching.
I scrapped this layout kind of in response to some of those feelings. It was for a challenge layout at a scrapping store.  The quote that was supposed to challenge you was :"Great nations write their autobiographies in three manuscripts: the book of their deeds, the book of their words and the book of their art." John Ruskin  I just kept coming back to the "book of their deeds" and what I wanted to speak into my boys lives. 


Anonymous said…
Becky, such noble thoughts, and God will help (and is helping).
Love you, GMA Elledge
My favorite scrapbook page you have shared to date! Beautifully done and said.

You always inspire me when you turn reflective :)

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