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Miracle of miracles, it is 7:23 and both boys are still sleeping.   Of course, by the time I finish this, I am sure they will be up, because by virtue of me writing it, I am thinking it will trigger some internal alarm in both of them.  We have had some rough days the last few days with Xavier.  He did so well in the days following his surgery that we were lulled into a false sense of security.  Since Friday night, he has not been sleeping well--literally waking every hour or two complaining of pain.  Last night was a bit better, after talking to the doctor's office yesterday and being assured that this can happen and to just stay on top of his pain medication, I am hoping that today will be better.  I have struggled with always having sympathy for him (just being honest...).  I hate that he is in pain, but honestly, the wailing that has gone along with it has been a bit hard to handle--especially since it is practically incessant about every three hours.  I am trying to remind my…

A Thousand Gifts

Several months ago, I stumbled across this site where the blog's author Ann Voskamp was encouraging her readers to make a list of a thousand graces--to count the big, the little, the many graces that the Lord gives to us each and every day.  I have been contemplating and wanting to jump in and do this for a while now, but have let life get in the way.  Then, my plan was 'ooh, I will wait and start on Thanksgiving' and well, we know how well that worked out.  Ann is currently up to 2107 with her list of gifts from the Lord and I definitely encourage you to look at her blog, it is inspiring. 

And here, a few days past Thanksgiving, I join the community of those giving thanks for the multitude of gifts in my life:

#1:  a wonderful reminder of the Lord's goodness, love, and graciousness toward us in a message on Jonah 4 this morning
#2:  for the way God heals broken relationships and helps us to not remember the wrongs committed
#3:  Micah taking a break over the weekend,…

loopy juice

I mentioned a few posts back that Xavier was going to have to have tubes put in his ears...well, today was the day.  I am happy to report that he did great, no complications, it was a very quick procedure and we were in and out much faster than I had expected.

When the nurse called me last week with his pre-op information, she told me that they would give him some 'loopy juice' that would help with the separation from the parents and he wouldn't remember it, etc.  I promptly asked if they offered any of that to the parents since I was having slight anxiety about my baby boy (yes, I know, he is technically no longer a 'baby', but he is always going to be my baby boy) having to be put under general anesthesia.  We have been talking about his surgery for the last couple of weeks and praying for him and for the doctors and I was very proud of how brave he was.  His biggest disappointment/sadness of the morning was dropping his brother off at grandma's house--he did…


The holiday season has begun at our house.  Thursday night, we had a Thanksgiving dinner at Micah's school, the boys will be having a Thanksgiving Feast on Tuesday at school, relatives arrive on Wednesday, Thursday is obviously Thanksgiving and then it will be full on Christmas craziness.  Every year, I try to get things done early and promise that I am going to be further ahead than the year before, but this year, I feel like I am doing good to just make it to this point with regular stuff that keeps cropping up.  I love the holiday season, but hate the busyness of it all.  I want to take time to stop and remember the reasons for the seasons.  The boys have been struggling big time with whining and complaining and earlier this week, I instituted a new "rule" at our house.  Anytime, I hear a whining tone or complaining, we have to stop and say something that we are thankful for.  It is helpful for them to distract them from whatever they are complaining about, and good f…

Wednesday's Words

In an effort to pick up blogging again, we are bringing back Wednesday's Words--although it is late Wednesday here, it is still counting in my book.

I have definitely noticed the boys increased use of time references, not always correctly, but certainly humorous. For example, Xavier routinely tells me that something happened several hours/minutes/days ago, emphasis on the "several". Cracks me up.

Yesterday, we were driving in the van somewhere and I was listening to a worship cd by Jami Smith and one of the songs was "Living Water, Bread of Life, satisfy us...."  and William ever attune to song lyrics starts repeating "living water, living water.....what does that EVEN mean?"  any suggestions for explaining living water to a 4 year old?

Tonight at supper, we were talking about their day, what they had for snack, etc (you know, the important things in life!) and Xavier announces that they had crackers for snack, they were "square, like my head&q…

Checking in, hello, blog friends.  Just a quick check-in to let you know that no, I have not fallen off the face of the earth.  Just craziness in our life at the moment.  For a quick list:
We survived Micah's month of darkness filled with a massive amount of exams and very few actual sightings of Micah :)I turned another year older :(I spoke at chapel for our church's middle and high school--it went well, but caused me no small amount of stress (i.e. would I be boring? would I inspire? would I mistakenly say something along the lines of heresy? etc..) had some extra responsibilities with my coffee roasting side jobhad several just random doctor's appointmentsfound out Xavier is going to have to have tubes put in his ears (next Tuesday)realized that we are going to have to make some major insurance decisions in the next couple months that really has forced me to force myself to repeat  God's promises to myself rather than give in t…