Checking in, hello, blog friends.  Just a quick check-in to let you know that no, I have not fallen off the face of the earth.  Just craziness in our life at the moment.  For a quick list:
  • We survived Micah's month of darkness filled with a massive amount of exams and very few actual sightings of Micah :)
  • I turned another year older :(
  • I spoke at chapel for our church's middle and high school--it went well, but caused me no small amount of stress (i.e. would I be boring? would I inspire? would I mistakenly say something along the lines of heresy? etc..)
  • had some extra responsibilities with my coffee roasting side job
  • had several just random doctor's appointments
  • found out Xavier is going to have to have tubes put in his ears (next Tuesday)
  • realized that we are going to have to make some major insurance decisions in the next couple months that really has forced me to force myself to repeat  God's promises to myself rather than give in to the desire to experience full blown panic attacks.
  • working on refinancing our house
  • had to have a termite inspection because our neighbors are apparently infested.
 It has just been craziness. I can't promise that it is coming to an end, because, hello, the holidays are right around the corner and basically we live our lives crazily.  But, I will try not to let the blog get so neglected.  I haven't even hardly scrapped (I know, life must be desperate!).  I forgot to link you up to these awesome pictures that my sister took of the boys while we were in Missouri last month.  I am in love with them.  She is an amazing photographer and of course, she had some good stuff to work with in my boys!  And I will leave you with this video that some of you may have seen on Facebook, but be prepared to laugh because the boys learned the tongue twister "how much wood could a wood chuck chuck" and it is beyond hilarious!!


Your sis IS an awesome photographer! The pictures are great. I love the one with the three of you. It does sound like you are busy, busy. Try to take some time for yourself in all of the seasonal activities.
Glad your back!
I'm right there with you these days trying to just hang in there, trust in God and not have panic attacks! I will be praying for Xavier next week.
Loved the video and lol about the heresy thought. I've had that worry myself before! I need to post sometime about what I actually said to some VBS kids about was NOT the word I wanted to use. :)
Amy said…
So good to get an update from you! I'll be praying about Xavier's surgery (I think of him every time we say the pledge to the Christian flag at school :) and about the insurance situation!!

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