The holiday season has begun at our house.  Thursday night, we had a Thanksgiving dinner at Micah's school, the boys will be having a Thanksgiving Feast on Tuesday at school, relatives arrive on Wednesday, Thursday is obviously Thanksgiving and then it will be full on Christmas craziness.  Every year, I try to get things done early and promise that I am going to be further ahead than the year before, but this year, I feel like I am doing good to just make it to this point with regular stuff that keeps cropping up.  I love the holiday season, but hate the busyness of it all.  I want to take time to stop and remember the reasons for the seasons.  The boys have been struggling big time with whining and complaining and earlier this week, I instituted a new "rule" at our house.  Anytime, I hear a whining tone or complaining, we have to stop and say something that we are thankful for.  It is helpful for them to distract them from whatever they are complaining about, and good for me to be reminded of how much we have to be thankful for.

Those who know me well, know that I am not much of a decorator. I am not good about changing things around, I get them like they are, and have a tendency to forget all about them.  But, last year, I decided to do a little thanksgiving craft (which I don't think I shared on here, not that I could find anyway) where we made little turkeys out of their hand and footprints.  While I have found myself throwing away and inordinate amount of crafty things since they started school--seriously, the piles of paper they come home with  I just can't keep them all.....anyway, the point to that story was that I kept these and decided to make some hanging art for the fall season this year and this is what I came up with:

 Last night, we made a last minute decision to go and see the new Harry Potter movie with some friends.  It was nice to have a night out, although I was kind of disappointed in the movie.  The books are just so much better, which I know is always the case, but it was still fun.  

Today, I am making dinner for a couple of friends, our neighbors who just had a baby and another friend who is going through chemo and radiation.  The boys are enjoying some shows and Micah is of course studying!  

Happy Weekend!


I think the hand crafts on the walls are so cute! I love them!
Monica said…
Love the decorations (if it makes you feel any better, I haven't got my Thanksgiving things out the last 2 years, and one year I didn't even put up a Christmas tree!), and THANK YOU for saying the HP movie wasn't quite as good as the book. Even with it as long as it was, I felt they left out way too many important plot parts. I am looking forward to the last one to see if it is any better!
LaCombe said…
I Love the Turkeys and the way you framed them. Very festive! I don't do Thanksgiving decor, cause I am usually putting up the tree the day after, so don't want to have to put away what I just took out for Thanksgiving, so just Turkey napkins and the Halloween pumpkins out side. Have a Very Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving! Love, Kathy

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