loopy juice

I mentioned a few posts back that Xavier was going to have to have tubes put in his ears...well, today was the day.  I am happy to report that he did great, no complications, it was a very quick procedure and we were in and out much faster than I had expected.

When the nurse called me last week with his pre-op information, she told me that they would give him some 'loopy juice' that would help with the separation from the parents and he wouldn't remember it, etc.  I promptly asked if they offered any of that to the parents since I was having slight anxiety about my baby boy (yes, I know, he is technically no longer a 'baby', but he is always going to be my baby boy) having to be put under general anesthesia.  We have been talking about his surgery for the last couple of weeks and praying for him and for the doctors and I was very proud of how brave he was.  His biggest disappointment/sadness of the morning was dropping his brother off at grandma's house--he didn't really like that so much. 

After they got him checked in and changed into his gown, they gave him the loopy juice to kind of make him groggy and then left us alone to let it do it's work.  And as true parents and lovers of technology, we recorded it to be preserved forever :)

It was just so funny.  He spelled his name over and over again until he was rolled out the door.  I love the part where he swings his eyes over and gives a little grin.  I just love that sweet little boy!!  We were home in a couple of hours and he snuggled up with me and watched some television and I made him stay pretty still for the rest of the day, although by this afternoon, he was acting just fine.  William had a great day at school, but was ready to see his "brudder" this evening when his grandparents brought him home.

I am thankful for such a good experience and a successful placement of tubes.  Praying that this will alleviate some of his ear pain and eliminate the frequent ear infections.


Becky is that you talking? I never pictured such an accent (which I'm sure you don't think you have LOL) and OMG I just love that you guys giggle thru the whole thing! So cute on all parts!
Brian Lewis said…
Glad it went well! That loopy juice looks like good stuff!
Tia said…
that video was hilarious! Glad it's over and he's ok! Isn't it amazing what these kids can do to us?
Amy said…
So glad it went well! The video is hilarious and one of the best parts was listening to you and Micah giggle through it!

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