A Thousand Gifts

Several months ago, I stumbled across this site where the blog's author Ann Voskamp was encouraging her readers to make a list of a thousand graces--to count the big, the little, the many graces that the Lord gives to us each and every day.  I have been contemplating and wanting to jump in and do this for a while now, but have let life get in the way.  Then, my plan was 'ooh, I will wait and start on Thanksgiving' and well, we know how well that worked out.  Ann is currently up to 2107 with her list of gifts from the Lord and I definitely encourage you to look at her blog, it is inspiring. 

And here, a few days past Thanksgiving, I join the community of those giving thanks for the multitude of gifts in my life:

#1:  a wonderful reminder of the Lord's goodness, love, and graciousness toward us in a message on Jonah 4 this morning
#2:  for the way God heals broken relationships and helps us to not remember the wrongs committed
#3:  Micah taking a break over the weekend, letting me go shop on Black Friday, spending time together
#4:  sweet giggles from the boys and "mommy, I love you"s
#5:  joy of Christmas music
#6: a doctor in the family who is willing to come at a moment's notice to check on Xavier
#7:  for William who whispered sweetly in prayer "and, Father, help me to learn to obey my mommy and daddy" with a little catch in his voice
#8: another year together, another Thanksgiving to celebrate, so much to be thankful for
#9: Micah, Xavier, and William--my most precious gifts
#10:  for laughter--at crazy family situations, at ourselves when we know we are acting crazy, for laughter together with Micah

I don't know how long it will take to get to 1000, but I am going to make the effort to count the big and the little and to remember and name them on Mondays.  You can see others who are making this commitment by clicking on the image below:

holy experience


Melissa said…
I am definitely going to do this, BUT I'm also definitely waiting to start until the new year because I need my Type A personality needs a definitive starting point. ;)

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